Disney Security Catches Guests Doing DRUGS On Classic Magic Kingdom Attraction

disney world haunted mansion
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When it comes to Walt Disney World Resort, there’s an abundance of rules. So many that it can be hard to keep track of.

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But there are some rules that are so obvious everybody knows them off the top of their head. No weapons are allowed inside the Disney Park, for one. Keeping your arms, legs, hands, and feet inside at all times is another.

Although more Guests have gotten into fights than ever as of late, physical violence is never tolerated and can swiftly result in a lifetime ban.

Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts

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Everybody knows about the flash photography rule. And, oh yeah! No smoking weed while riding the Haunted Mansion is another rule that’s usually easy to remember.

Unfortunately, we say ‘usually’ because it seems that some foolish mortals forgot, according to one Guest’s experience.

On an online forum encouraging people to share their strangest attraction evacuation stories, one Guest told a story about their time on Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion:

by u/aka_chela from discussion What is your weirdest ride stop/evacuation story?
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As it turns out, smoking while riding a Walt Disney World attraction is a surefire way to experience an evacuation. Not incredibly shocking, but makes for an interesting story at the least.

Exposing children to drugs is not only horridly inconsiderate at the least, but it’s also incredibly dangerous, and it’s no wonder why Disney security stepped in as quickly as they did.


Credit: Disney

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Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion attraction is located in the Disney Park’s Liberty Square area. Although this ride is slow-moving, it’s thrilling and spooky in its own unique way.

The attraction takes Guests into a huge mansion, showing them around as eerie ghosts and apparitions follow them. Finally, the Guests enter the ‘swinging wake’ in the backyard, joining the ghoulishly delightful party.

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