A Secret at Disney’s Hollywood Studios You’ve Probably Never Noticed

Hidden Secret at Disney's Hollywood Studios You've Probably Never Noticed
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Designing Parks at Walt Disney World has to be one of the most incredible job opportunities out there. Maybe not actually building them, as the heat in Florida can be a monster to deal with. I’d guess that although probably a bit stressful, creating the layouts of the Parks has got to be a gratifying experience. Having the creative freedom to add unique touches here or there, things that Guests may or may notice, sounds rewarding. Details are one thing that sets Disney Parks apart from other themed parks, isn’t it? Whether you’re visiting Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, or Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there are many secrets hidden for you to discover. You could make a day of strolling around the Parks and finding small hidden call-backs, easter eggs, secrets, and even hidden Mickeys. The Parks are quite literally crawling with these camouflaged treats, especially secrets at Hollywood Studios.

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Credit: Disney

Now imagine being the person who gets to decide what goes where. Much like Imagineers of the past, you’d probably want to include a little bit of self in your designs. Take a short walk down Main Street, U.S.A., and you’ll find nods to some of the most influential and prolific people who’ve worked for the Walt Disney Company. Many of which helped to hide little historical references to their families, favorite Disney characters, and even films outside of Disney.


Deep diving into Disney Parks culture uncovers a new world of hidden details you’d otherwise miss while walking from ride to ride. One Park that contains many of these intimate features is Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Opened in May of 1989, then called MGM Studios, Hollywood Studios was meant to be a working set that gave Guests the inside scoop on how some of Hollywood’s most memorable moments were made for film. It was initially intended that filming would actually take place in the Park. The Park was the brainchild of then-CEO of Disney, Michael Eisner. The Park was built in response to and partially due to a feud with Universal Studios. It brought the magic of Hollywood to life as Guests immersed themselves in live sets, thrilling rides, and fantastic entertainment. This included adding many Hollywood Studios secrets.

Hidden Secret Disney's Hollywood Studios

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Guests visiting the Park quickly began noticing many hidden details. One particular note is that the Park was designed to be a giant hidden Mickey. Although that’s an astonishing secret, it isn’t the one we’re discussing today. Guests could find nods and callbacks to some of Hollywood’s most outstanding on-screen achievements all over Hollywood Studios. Notable films such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Casablanca, and Indiana Jones were well represented within Hollywood Studios through attraction or hidden details. One of these hard-to-find Hollywood Studios secrets has always stood out as our favorite!

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hollywood studios entrance

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Traveling around Echo Lake, just outside Keystone Clothiers, you’ll find a nod to a unique holiday-themed film. This nod, in particular, means a lot to my family as it is one of those movies we all sit down and watch yearly on Christmas Eve. It’s a tradition passed down to my kids and started with my grandparents. Sitting there near the lake, you’ll find a group of large shipping boxes. It almost doesn’t make sense why they’re sitting there until you see who the largest one is addressed to and its a very special secret at Hollywood Studios.Ā 

Hidden Secret at Hollywood Studios


By now, you may have guessed what film our favorite easter egg is addressed to. Stamped on the side of the largest shipping box is an address for Mr. George Baily of Bedford Falls, New York. Of course, this is a direct nod to the 1946 filmĀ It’s a Wonderful Life. Sitting at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a reference to one of the many characters that the great Jimmy Stewart has portrayed. It may not mean a lot to most people, but to us, it is always so heartwarming to see. That film has produced so many excellent memories, especially with my children, and to see it represented in another place that shares equal value with my family is touching. Isn’t that the entire point of Hollywood Studios? To connect us with the films that we enjoy! So there it is our favorite Disney’s Hollywood Studios secret. Next time you’re hanging around, take a peek and tell us your favorite hidden Disney Park secrets!

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