Drinking Around the World at Disney is Becoming a Problem

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It’s time we talked. We’ve got a problem that isn’t just going away. In fact, it’s getting worse. By now, you’ve likely seen the video of a lady who appears to have had one too many taking it upon herself to hop off the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros at EPCOT. As others raise their voices and escalate the situation, you can tell she is oblivious to the problem she is causing. Maybe oblivious isn’t the correct word; perhaps ignorant is. Yes, ignorant is a much better fit as it illustrates her intoxicated cluelessness and demonstrates that she doesn’t care.

I would like you to imagine that this is your child’s first trip to EPCOT or Walt Disney World. Witnessing a drunken woman scream at Guests whose trip is now disrupted because she couldn’t stop herself from dipping in the sauce could be a bit of a traumatic experience for little ones, especially when we consider that Disney does everything in its power to present an immersive environment that is free from the bad things outside of the Disney-bubble.

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros

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As events like this seem to be stacking up, it’s time to talk about our Park drinking and why it seems so many choose irresponsibility, especially at EPCOT. To be fair, many Guests consider EPCOT an adult park as it doesn’t maintain the same theming as others in Walt Disney World. There’s one small problem with this logic; it isn’t. It’s a theme park with Mickey Mouse and others who are large draws for children. Disney seems to be a tad ignorant of the problem itself, as alcohol has become the unofficial mascot of EPCOT. Step aside Figment. If you don’t believe me, visit a bathroom around the World Showcase after 8 p.m. on a Friday or Saturday night. I challenge you to find someone not sick because they’ve overindulged.

Towards the end of the video in question, you can clearly hear someone give this lady an ulitmatum. Stop with the Jack Sparrow impression or face the consequences. It’s not clear whether this is a Guest or Cast Member, but I’d lean Guest as she is threatened with “being taken down.” Now, listen closely, DO NOT put your hands on someone, especially if alcohol is involved. It typically isn’t the best solution to any problem, although I get it. If my kids were on this ride and privy to this drunken escapade, I’d be very upset.

The problem, as Barnabas has clearly stated on Twitter, is that for some reason, we think we have to drink all of the alcohol at EPCOT. It’s become a bit of an unspoken challenge. Large groups of people are instantly recognized as they don their Etsy drinking team shirts and head out around the World Showcase ready to make poor decisions. This usually happens in complete disregard to other Guests, including the chlidren present. That’s a sad notion. I can’t get passed someone having this experience during their first trip to Walt Disney World.

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Drinking responsibly is strongly encouraged throughout the Parks, but it isn’t necessarily enforced. If it was, there would less of these instances instead of seeing them on the incline. No one is suggesting not to enjoy yourself at EPCOT, or any park for that matter. However; when your good time impedes the ability of others to enjoy themselves, you’ve become part of the problem. Not to mention, Disney Springs is available to Guests looking for a more adult vibe on property, and they’re open much later. EPCOT isn’t an adult only park exclusively made for you to get sloppy. Don’t ruin it for others, be a decent person.

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