Drunk Cop Arrested at EPCOT For Assaulting, Threatening Disney Security

Drunk Cop arrested at EPCOT
Credit: Disney/Orange County Corrections

When Walt Disney first opened Disneyland in Anaheim, California, his dream was to create a place that adults and children could both enjoy. And one of his big caveats was that adults could enjoy it WITHOUT alcohol. Walt was very adamant about not having any alcoholic beverages in the parks. Sadly, that stopped after Walt died and EPCOT opened in 1982.

Walt Disney at Disneyland

Credit: Disney

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Since then, drinking at Disney has become something that many people look forward to — and something many others despise. There constantly seem to be debates raging about whether alcohol — and drunk adults — are ruining the Disney experience.

Well, we can tell you that the Disney experience was definitely ruined by one man when he got drunk, then threatened and assaulted Disney security guards, as well as an Orange County Sheriff’s deputy.

spaceship earth

Credit: Walt Disney World

To make matters worse, the drunk and violent man is a cop himself.

According to reports, Detective Duane Danforth — of the Brookline, Massachusetts Police Department — was arrested at EPCOT on the evening of January 30.

The report states that Danforth, 38, appeared to be intoxicated when he tried to enter a private event that was taking place at the Disney World theme park. A Disney security guard told Danforth that he would have to go around. Danforth ignored the guard, removed the rope blocking the area off, and tried to proceed.

epcot forever fireworks and spaceship earth

Credit: Disney Parks

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The security guard again told him that he was not allowed in the area. That is when Danforth reportedly told the guard, “I am going to (expletive) kill you.” He then allegedly shoved the security guard. The incident with the guard was caught on camera by other Disney guests who were in the area.

Danforth tried to exit the park, where he was confronted by a deputy from the Orange County Sheriff’s office. The responding officer claims that he tried to arrest Danforth, who resisted and also assaulted the deputy.

Duane Danforth Mug Shot

Credit: Orange County Sheriff’s Office

According to Police Chief Jennifer Paster, Danforth has been put on administrative leave. He will remain on leave until the police department concludes its internal investigation.

Danforth is being charged with two misdemeanors — battery and resisting arrest — as well as a third-degree felony — assault on a police officer.

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