Partially Collapsed Hollywood Studios Building STILL in Disrepair

Collapsed Hollywood Studios Building
Credit: Disney Dining

In September, Hollywood Studios made headlines when a portion of Keystone Clothiers (a popular store on Hollywood Boulevard) partially collapsed. A piece of the building’s facade fell from the front door and shattered on the ground. Luckily no one was hurt and the area was cleared quickly and closed to the public quickly.

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We expected the damage to be repaired quickly as well. In fact, in our report we said, “Currently, the store predominantly sells Marvel and Star Wars merchandise. This merchandise can be found in several locations throughout the Park, so the store’s closure (and likely immediate refurbishment) will not be an inconvenience to guests.”

Hollywood Studios building collapse

Credit: Twitter/@ozborn82

Interestingly, it is four months later and construction walls still surround the building and there has been no movement on repairs to the damaged building. One Twitter user, @evanpatell1, noticed and posted a photo:

It’s unlike Disney to leave something broken for so long. We can’t help but wonder whether this is, as many Disney fans have suggested, a sign of lackluster maintenance and a refusal to properly invest in the Parks or if there are some serious structural issues that may have caused the incident that cannot be seen on the surface. Either seem like the likely culprit.

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It could just be that since the store is able to remain open, fixing the damage is just not a priority for Disney World to repair the structure, though we hope that’s not the case- no one likes seeing construction walls.

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Disney has not given a reason for the collapse (or made any mention of it at all) which isn’t surprising. We don’t expect to ever know the cause of this incident. Whatever the reason, the popular store remains closed and an eyesore right in the very front of the Park. It’s not the best look for Hollywood Studios and we hope Keystone Clothiers will be up and running again soon. This is a developing story, stay tuned as we bring you the latest updates.


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