Hidden Mickeys at Disney Resorts

Hidden Mickey Animal Kingdom Africa Pavement
Credit: Disney Dining

The Disney Resorts found throughout Walt Disney World each feature their own unique themes that are brought to life through immense details. These details can be found in everything from architecture and background music to landscaping and props. Guests who take the time to look all around can find some amazing details at every Disney Resort.

Polynesian Village

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They can also spot plenty of Hidden Mickeys that are often so seamlessly integrated into the design of the Disney Resort that they can be hard to miss! Hidden Mickeys can take the form of any Disney character, but most often feature Mickey himself and they can take on a variety of forms including profiles, silhouettes, and three circles that come together to form classic Hidden Mickeys.

Caribbean Beach

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Guests who take some time to explore the Disney Resorts can spot some wonderful Hidden Mickeys and also soak up wonderful theming and atmospheres in every corner! Let’s start finding some Hidden Mickeys!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I didn’t include any actual photos of the Hidden Mickeys in this post as that ruins the fun of trying to find them!

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Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Upon entering the lobby of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Guests can soak in the opulent details of Victorian charm and elegance and check out some beautiful highlights including the birdcage elevator and plush floral carpeting. The entryway of the lobby also features shiny and gleaming white tile flooring with some flourishes and details.

Guests who pause to look at the detail in the tiling will notice the letters “GF” for the name of the Disney Resort as well as several Hidden Mickeys. Among the flourishes are full-bodied images of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy, all fearing big smiles welcoming Guests to the Disney Resort.

Guests who wander the grounds of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa can find several buildings with the classic white paint and red roofing as well as some Hidden Mickeys. Several of the buildings feature metal weather vanes on top, and Guests who look closely can find that a classic Hidden Mickey is formed by a cutout in each weather wave.

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Contemporary Resort

Credit: Disney

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Disney’s Contemporary Resort features unique theming that showcases modern architecture and minimalist styling that was very popular when it was built in the 1970s. The main concourse features a beautiful design including an open-air atrium with the monorail gliding by and some Hidden Mickeys.

The stunning mural by Mary Blair that rises up in the main concourse features many small figures and animals, and Guests who spend time taking in all of the details are sure to appreciate the design. Guests can also look for a small owl sitting on one of the children’s shoulders and spot a classic Hidden Mickey on its feathers formed by three small black circles as well as other classic Hidden Mickeys on some of the children’s dresses and clothing.

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Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

A very popular Disney Resort for many Guests is Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort which welcomes them into the serenity of the South Seas complete with white sand beaches and tropical touches. The Great Ceremonial House is the main lobby for the Disney Resort, and in addition to beautiful details and architecture, there are also several Hidden Mickeys to be found.

When first entering into the Great Ceremonial House from the monorail on the second level, Guests should pay attention to the stonework on the floor. Several large stones have come together to form a classic Hidden Mickey that many Guests overlook since it is under their feet!

Over by the elevators on the second level, Guests can admire several paintings depicting serene beaches and ocean waves in Polynesia. The painting on the right features several classic Hidden Mickeys on the rocks and the painting on the left has a classic Hidden Mickey formed in the water right near the shore.

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Wilderness Lodge

Credit: Disney

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

The spirit and beauty of the National Parks are brought to life at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, where rustic details and the power of nature are shared through theming and details. The main lobby of the Disney Resort features a stunning open-air feature where Guests can relax in comfortable seating and take in the large wooden logs and beams all around them.

In the corner of the lobby is a massive stone fireplace that stretches up several stories. Guests who look up on the right-hand side of the fireplace near the second floor can spot a classic Hidden Mickey formed by indentations in the stonework. This one can be a little tricky to spot, but it is a classic!

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Fort Wilderness

Credit: Disney

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort is a unique location at the Walt Disney World Resort where Guests can enjoy campgrounds and cabins and immerse themselves with rustic charm and the great outdoors. The grounds of the Disney Resort feature amenities like horse stables and serene winding paths as well as a great Hidden Mickey.

One of the buildings at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort features a sign for a blacksmith in large yellow letters. Guests who look a little more closely will find that a classic Hidden Mickey has been branded into the sign near the beginning of the word and an extra layer of detail can be found in the letter “D” in the middle circle of the Hidden Mickey itself.

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Disney’s BoardWalk Inn

The charm of turn-of-the-century Atlantic City is brought to life at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn where Guests can walk an actual boardwalk as well as enjoy coastal theming and plenty of dining and entertainment. The lobby of Disney’s BoardWalk Inn is filled with beautiful details including a classic Hidden Mickey.

Guests who enjoy the details of the lobby can spot a model of a wooden roller coaster as well as a model of a carousel complete with horses and minuscule details. One white horse on the carousel features several black spots on its coat, two of which near its rear form classic Hidden Mickeys.

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Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Across Crescent Lake is Disney’s Yacht Club Resort where the elegance of a New England coastal resort welcomes Guests with nautical details and charm. The lobby of the Disney Resort features plush seating, dark wooden accents, and lots of nautical décor that is understated and elegant.

Right when Guests enter into the lobby at Disney’s Yacht Club they can observe a massive and ornate globe with all sorts of details. Off the coast of Africa, Guests can spot a sea serpent moving through the water, and just below its mouth is a classic Hidden Mickey formed by a lighter shade of blue than the ocean. This is a relatively easy Hidden Mickey to spot, making it a great option for younger Guests!

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Disney’s Beach Club Resort

The sister Disney Resort of Disney’s Yacht Club Resort is Disney’s Beach Club Resort which takes on a more laid-back style of coastal accommodations with pastel colors and bright white woodwork. Guests can enjoy feeling like they are relaxing at a New England Resort and stroll charming grounds right next to Epcot.

Off of the main lobby at Disney’s Beach Resort, Guests can enjoy a room called the Solarium which features comfortable seating and several paintings on the walls. One painting depicts Guests from the turn-of-the-century checking in at the Disney Resort and Guests can spot several Hidden Mickeys on spare tires and decorative car hood ornaments throughout the artwork.

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

One of the most beautiful and immersive Disney Resorts is Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge which brings the spirit and beauty of Africa to life through details and theming throughout its massive grounds. The Disney Resort also features Kidani Village, a separate area of Disney Vacation Club rooms that is just as beautifully themed.

When entering the main lobby at Kidani Village, Guests are greeted by a table displaying African artifacts and items including a large metal clock in the middle. Guests who look closely at the clock can spot a classic Hidden Mickey formed by three raised circles near the number six. This is another great Hidden Mickey for younger Guests to spot as it is fairly obvious.

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Art of Animation

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

The history and beauty of the animation process and classic Disney animated films are celebrated in all corners of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort and Guests can truly feel as though they have stepped into the animation itself at times. With so many details and artwork all around, there are also several Hidden Mickeys for Guests to spot!

The Landscape of Flavors is the quick-service restaurant at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort and Guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day amid artwork depicting background scenery and landscapes from animated films. In the ocean area, there is a large blue-toned light with coral and other undersea life shown. Near the center of the light, Guests can spot a full-bodied Hidden Mickey smiling down at them!

Finding Nemo Pool Art of Animation

Credit: Disney Dining

Near the Big Blue Pool in the Finding Nemo area of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, there are plenty of larger-than-life characters like Squirt and Crush as well as plenty of other fish. A green fish near the edge of one of the buildings features lots of small details on each side that look like scales as well as a classic Hidden Mickey on each side formed by three circles.

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Port Orleans

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside

Southern charm and elegance can be found around every corner at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside. The sprawling Disney Resort features stately manor homes and quiet walkways that Guests can enjoy as well as several Hidden Mickeys that perfectly blend in with the theming.

When first arriving at the Disney Resort, Guests should look up to find the word “Riverside” in gold letters on the woodwork above. Either side of that woodwork features ornate detailing including a classic Hidden Mickey formed by three circles that come together near each corner.

Port Orleans

While exploring the Alligator Bayou area of Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside Guests can also check out wonderful details such as intricately carved railings at the entrance to each building. Those who look closely at the railings can spot classic Hidden Mickeys on each spoke about halfway up!

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