A Dark Day at Disney: Guest Arrested at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Disneyland
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A shocking series of events has startled the Disney community this weekend.

For millions of families every year, Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are the ideal locations for their dream vacations. Getting to soak up the magic of your favorite stories is an experience like no other, and Disney Parks offer an immersive and entertaining experience truly unlike any other.

Many Guests love that visiting Disney feels like an escape from reality. When you are in the Disney bubble, it can feel like any problem if the rest of the world melts away. However, sometimes a harrowing situation within the Parks is all you need to snap out of the Disney haze.

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Dramatic Scene in the Disney Parks

It seems that lousy Guest behavior has been a repeating issue at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. Both of these Parks have been suffering from a larger-than-normal influx of Guest issues. These issues range from some “Karen” attacks to shocking and disturbing criminal behavior. 

Unfortunately, these disturbances and pushing fans further away from the Parks. Some fans don’t feel that the Parks are fun and wholesome anymore.

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Crisis in Frontierland

As a cherry on top of the neverending recent list of issues, Guests are now reporting that there was an arrest made at Disneyland Resort today. The arrest reportedly took place on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, a thrilling roller coaster located in the Frontierland of Disneyland Park.

As of now, there is limited information about what the arrest was for. One Guest reached out on Twitter to investigate if anyone knew more about the situation on the arrest at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, saying;

“Any one know the details of why someone was apparently arrested after being escorted off BTMR?”

Big thunder Arrest
byu/DapperDirk25 inDisneyland

This arrest, as well as several other recent issues at Disney’s theme parks, has exposed a terrifying trend within the Parks. Disney is meant to be a safe and wholesome place for all ages, and hearing about these incidents all the time paints the Parks in a negative light.

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