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“Harry Potter”-Themed School Under Investigation as Questions Remain Unanswered

A Harry Potter-themed school is under investigation as questions about zoning rights, trademark infringement, and the school’s operations remain unanswered. RELATED: Disney Reportedly in Talks With Warner Bros. to Acquire “Harry Potter” Franchise Rights Spellcaster’s Academy is to be located in Westfield, Indiana, and for young fans of Warner Bros. Entertainment’s Harry Potter franchise, Spellcaster’s will be a dream come true. ...

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New Disney’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Experience Begins This Month

jack skellngton nightmare before christmas

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas will celebrate its 30th anniversary in October, and as part of the festivities, a new experience inspired by the film is available to fans now through early 2024. Perhaps the only film in animation history to be as popular at Christmastime as it is during the Halloween season, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas made its debut ...

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New Species of Snake Discovered, Named for Famous Disney Star

A newly-discovered species of snake has been named after a famous Disney star, and the decision was steeped in a hilarious attempt at adding a bit of humor to an otherwise fearsome experience for the researchers who discovered the ophidian. Throughout the Indiana Jones film series, Indy cheats death time and time again–and in his usual, fearless way–as part of his adventures, there’s one ...

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Orlando Airports Wage War in Federal Court So Disney World Guests “Land” in the Right Spot

orlando skyline and orlando sign with planes flying overhead

Disney World-bound tourists aren’t always making it to the Most Magical Place on Earth as they’ve planned, and Orlando International is laying the blame on its competitor. Representatives for Orlando International Airport (MCO) say that visitors flying into the Central Florida area with the intention of going to Disney World aren’t always flying into the right city, and they say ...

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Takes Over the Role of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Terminator”

dwayne johnson as the terminator

Dwayne Johnson is taking over the lead role in a major multi-billion-dollar film franchise–one that fits him well, and the former wrestler-turned-actor seems nearly made for the role. RELATED: Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man is Dead as Captain America Joins Dwayne Johnson on Amazon If there’s one thing actor Dwayne Johnson has proved time and time again, it’s that the ...

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Nearly 250 Alligators Removed From Disney World Property Since Death of Toddler at the Grand Floridian Resort

disney world cinderella castle ferry boat magic kingdom

A terrible tragedy at Disney World more than seven years ago claimed the life of a tiny Guest, and since then, Disney has been diligent in taking steps to prevent the same thing from ever happening again. Walt Disney made his first purchase of land in Central Florida on May 3, 1965. The first transaction included 8,380 acres previously owned ...

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Walt Disney & Lucille Ball: The Dots You Probably Never Connected Until Now

walt disney and lucille ball

Two iconic entertainment titans from the 20th century spent most of their lives building empires that would far outlive them, and though their paths barely crossed, the commonalities they shared earned them legendary status in the television, film, and entertainment industries decades ago–a legendary status that has stood the test of time for generations. RELATED: Walt Disney’s Untimely Death Led ...

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