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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Santa Claus Reportedly Missing This Holiday Season

dwayne johnson santa hat missing sign

A Christmas-themed film starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a Santa of sorts wrapped filming in February of this year, and the famed wrestler-turned-actor made history by amassing a $50 million payout upfront–just to take the role. Amazon’s Red One was even slated for a 2023 holiday release, but now, as the holiday season is approaching, the film has suddenly ...

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Devastating Bus Crash in Canada Leaves Disney Star’s Crew Hospitalized

caution tape paramedics shania twain

Dangerous driving conditions caused a devastating bus crash in Canada that left 13 members of one Disney star’s crew seriously injured and hospitalized. The crew of best-selling singer, songwriter, and country music star Shania Twain was involved in a bus crash on Wednesday in southeast Saskatchewan, Canada. The crew was traveling between show dates as part of Twain’s “Queen of ...

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Prepare to Celebrate Mickey Mouse’s FINAL Birthday This Month

mickey and walt

Mickey Mouse’s birthday is quickly approaching, and while his 95th birthday should be cause for celebration, this year’s observance of Mickey’s big day has a long shadow cast over it for fans who realize it will be his last. Long before Walt Disney released his first feature-length animated film (a first for the world of entertainment as well), he produced ...

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Major Announcement Made About Disney’s ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ This Week

nightmare before christmas jack skellington

Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) celebrated its 30th anniversary last week, and this week, the film achieved a huge milestone that sets it in a brand-new category of films. RELATED: Johnny Depp to Star in Live-Action Remake of Disney’s ‘Nightmare Before Christmas?’ Sunday, October 29 marked the 30th anniversary of the theatrical release of Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas with Tim ...

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Disney & Warner Bros. Filming Spot Totally Engulfed in Flames Overnight

hangar fire

An iconic filming spot for Disney, Warner Bros., and Paramount caught fire overnight, becoming completely engulfed in flames and destroying the giant 17-story location. READ ALSO: Nobody Wants to Buy Disney’s Former Sprawling Estate, But Don’t Blame the Economy A three-alarm blaze tore through a historic hangar located at a former air base in Orange County in Southern California in ...

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Live-Action ‘Frozen’ Rumored to Be In The Works at Disney

disney's frozen

Another live-action remake is rumored to be in the works at Walt Disney Studios, and the rumors about the film supposedly in production include everything from guesses about who might comprise the cast to when the film might be released. Disney’s Frozen (2013) is the second-highest-grossing Disney animated film in the company’s history. The film follows the tale of Princess ...

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Disney’s Not the Only One Celebrating 100 Years, But Not Everyone’s Willing to Throw a Party for the Others

hollywood sign

The Walt Disney Company is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and the celebrations that began in late 2022 are still going strong. But Disney’s not the only one celebrating a milestone birthday, as 2023 is a landmark year for other entities as well. But not everyone with cause for celebration feels like putting on their dancing shoes and partying ...

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Please, Disney World, Don’t Switch to Pepsi in the Parks

walt disney in a diner drinking coke

Disney fans around the world find themselves caught up in an ever-evolving climate of change as The Walt Disney Company has had a year of momentous milestone celebrations, even as talk of dividing up the company’s assets fills the board rooms and offices in Burbank. As the look of The Walt Disney Company–including its parks and resorts–continues to experience seasons ...

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