Disney’s Second “Haunted Mansion” Trailer Has Materialized & This is NOT Your Mother’s Haunted Mansion

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The second trailer for Disney’s upcoming Haunted Mansion film was just released, but fans should be warned: this is not your mother’s Haunted Mansion.

If there’s anything that Disney’s remakes have taught us, it’s that Walt Disney Studios takes great liberties with old storylines. But there’s perhaps no remake that shows fans this more clearly than Disney’s upcoming take-two of Haunted Mansion, set for a theatrical debut this summer.

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Haunted Mansion Film

Disney’s latest redo of the film is inspired by the spooky-but-not-too-scary classic theme park attraction at Magic Kingdom at Disney World, at Disneyland, and at other Disney Parks globally and has seen multiple proposed box office debut dates materialize since the film was first announced. As of the time of this publication, Disney pinky-promises a late-July 2023 release. We won’t hold our breath just yet.

The storyline in the remake follows a single mom named Gabbie who moves into a mansion in New Orleans with her son and eventually brings in a tour guide, a psychic, a priest, and a historian–anyone who can help to exorcise the spirits from inside the frightening mansion and all its “inhabitants.”

gabbie mom and son in disney's 2023 haunted mansion film

Credit: Disney

Walt Disney Pictures released the first trailer for the film in early March, and for several nights after watching it, many of us slept with the lights on. Love it or hate it, we have to give Disney an “A” when it comes to its use of imagery in the film–imagery so believable that we also gave the trailer a blue ribbon and a place at the top of the list of creepy Disney film trailers. The initial trailer focused very little on the storyline but was laser-focused on showcasing some of the terrifying visuals from the film–like a version of Constance Hatchaway that rivals the evil characters in some PG-13- and R-rated horror films.

disney's haunted mansion film constance hatchaway

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

The second trailer dropped on Tuesday, and the Studios clearly outdid themselves, releasing a hauntingly spectacular peek at the new film that still doesn’t put much emphasis on the storyline but does an even better job of scaring us to death and highlighting more characters and members of the film’s star-studded cast–many that we didn’t see in the first trailer. Blink, however, and you just might miss a few. Take a look below:

The cast of Disney’s Haunted Mansion includes Jamie Lee Curtis, Lakeith Stanfield, Rosario Dawson, Chase Dillon, Tiffany Haddish, Ryan Gosling, Winona Ryder, Danny DeVito, Owen Wilson as a priest, Danny DeVito as a professor, Rosario Dawson as the young mother named Gabbie, Chase Dillon as Gabbie’s son, and Jared Leto as the notorious Hatbox Ghost.

hatbox ghost disney's haunted mansion 2023 film

Credit: Disney

We finally get our first glimpse of Madame Leota (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) in this trailer. And for a split second, even the three hitchhiking ghosts make an appearance.

hitchhiking ghosts haunted mansion 2023 film

Credit: Disney

There’s an air of humor in the trailer, albeit short-lived, especially when cast in the shadow of the truly terrifying imagery from the film. In the first trailer, Constance Hatchaway’s appearance had us comparing her to other non-Disney horror film villains, and the new trailer only adds to that comparison–Hatchaway is still horrifying, and this time around, we have the “pleasure” of seeing Jared Leto as the Hat Box Ghost as well. Again, the team of exorcists would do good to start in the attic of the mansion in this version of the film, followed closely by a visit to the graveyard.

Disney’s Haunted Mansion materializes in theaters–so they say–July 28th.

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