Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Announces Official Bid to Trump Mr. Trump in 2024

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has officially declared his bid for the 2024 United States Presidential run.

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Much to the disgust of some and the delight of many, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), announced on Wednesday that he has officially joined the 2024 U. S. Presidential race. The move comes after months of speculation that DeSantis would eventually throw his hat into the ring officially, though it wasn’t clear when he would make the move until his announcement on Tuesday that he would be declaring his presidential bid via Twitter Spaces, the audio platform for the social media site–a move with which CNN clearly disagrees and says aligns with the GOP’s new culture of “gesture politics.”

“[DeSantis’s] choice of venue exemplifies the Trump-era GOP’s transformation into a party that rewards gesture politics and whose activists respond to the unmoderated social media jungle while disdaining traditional standards of conduct and governance,” reads a post dated May 24 on the news outlet’s site.

The post goes on to say that DeSantis “will finally jump into the race by throwing down a gauntlet to ex-President Donald Trump with a launch strategy that frames him as the true anti-establishment rebel in the race who is willing to crush the conventions of traditional presidential politics.”

(So much for unbiased reporting, CNN.)

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For more than a year, DeSantis has been Public Enemy No. 1 at the House of Mouse. In March 2022, Disney issued a statement of opposition to a bill proposed in the Florida legislature–an education bill aimed at keeping teachers from using curriculum time to discuss sex, gender identity, and sexual lifestyles. As soon as the bill was signed into law, Disney again released a statement of opposition, declaring that the company would stand in solidarity with those who sought to see the law repealed.

DeSantis responded in April 2022 with another piece of legislation, this time aimed at dissolving Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District, which was incepted in the mid-1960s and spearheaded by Walt Disney and his brother Roy O. Disney. And that was just the beginning of the ever-escalating feud between Disney and DeSantis.

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More recently, The Walt Disney Company has sued the State of Florida, and the State of Florida has sued The Walt Disney Company. The battle between the two entities has been the stuff of daytime soap operas at times and doesn’t look to end in the near future.

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