DeSantis’ Oversight Board Sues Disney in a Never Ending Merry-Go-Round of Retaliation

Desantis sues disney

Today the new oversight board for the Reedy Creek Improvement District met at 930 am. They only had one item on the agenda: sticking it to Disney…err… I mean (checks notes) “Board discussion to litigation counsel and authorization to defend officials sued in official capacities.” so yeah, sticking it to Disney.

Deaantis sues Disney

Credit: Twitter/ Central Tourism Oversight Board

This comes on the heels of Disney bringing a lawsuit against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for free speech violations among several other complaints. “Disney finds itself in this regrettable position because it expressed a viewpoint the Governor and his allies did not like. Disney wishes that things could have been resolved a different way,” the lawsuit says.

Ron DeSantis initially dismissed the lawsuit as unimportant. “I don’t think the suit has merit, I think it’s political,” DeSantis said.  “I think they filed in Tallahassee for a reason because they’re trying to generate some district court decision.”

At today’s meeting, it became apparent that Governor DeSantis may not be taming the lawsuit seriously but the board he appointed over Disney is.

Why are they suing? The Cliffs Notes version is “They started it!” The long version? Central Florida Tourism and Oversight Board Chair Martin Garcia said the lawsuit will seek to “uphold and enforce the board’s April 26, 2023, legislative findings relating to the February 8, 2023 development agreement and declaration of restrictive covenants.”


The development agreement referred to in the suit was an 11th-hour deal where Disney circumvented the new board and rendered them essentially powerless on Disney property.  You can read more about it here.

It is important to note that this is a new lawsuit, not simply a counter board  The board is suing in state court. Disney has put forth their suit in federal court. That means despite the ruling against Disney in Florida, the federal court could render it useless.

Just last week, Garcia told Disney Springs, Business owners that they will have to raise taxes to cover legal fees, presumably to turn the tide of business owner opinion against Disney over the lawsuit. Today with the announcement of a suit of their own, we have to wonder what the business owners are thinking about Garcia’s statement.

Many are wondering when this Disney/DeSantis drama will end. They’ve each made their points. Now it just seems petty and childish Alas, in life you’ll find two types of people: those who sue over every petty grievance and those with the maturity to know when they’ve been bested. Those in the latter category find themselves in the company of Ron DeSantis.


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