Desperate DeSantis Doubles Down on Disney Dispute

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Ron DeSantis has never been one to mince words. When news broke of Disney’s lawsuit against the Florida Governor, opinions were divided mostly along party lines but also among Disney fans vs. Non Disney fan lines. One thing we all wanted to know though, was what DeSantis would have to say about it. 

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After a series of ever increasing threats to escalate his ongoing feud with Disney (including an absurd statement suggesting building a prison near the parks), things have finally come to a head with Disney filing suit against DeSantis. The law suit alleges that a retaliation campaign was “orchestrated at every step by Governor DeSantis as punishment for Disney’s protected speech” and “now threatens Disney’s business operations, jeopardizes its economic future in the region, and violates its constitutional rights.”

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Yet, it is DeSantis who is claiming Disney is playing politics. “I don’t think the suit has merit, I think it’s political,” DeSantis said.  “I think they filed in Tallahassee for a reason, because they’re trying to generate some district court decision. But we’re very confident on the law.” Governor DeSantis went on to rant about Disney’s special privileges in the state. “They don’t want to have to pay the same taxes as everybody else,” he added. “And they want to be able to control things without proper oversight, whereas every other Floridian has to have this type of oversight, all Florida businesses. So it’s a little bit much to be complaining about that,” he said. 

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DeSantis also claims that the residents of Orlando are fully behind this idea of governmental control of Reedy Creek, saying, “The people of Florida, they understood that this was an issue,” he said, referring to Walt Disney World’s self-governing privileges. “And not only did they re-elect me in that area where Disney is, we did better than any Republican has done in quite some time. So I think that that’s all there.” This statement seems contrary though to extreme backlash among local residents when the idea to get rid of Reedy Creek was first announced.  Locals feared this would increase their already heavy tax burden. 

Governor DeSantis made it clear in his statements to NBC News that he isn’t taking the lawsuit seriously. He also made it clear that it was full steam ahead on his plan to he a thorn in Disney’s side, ”  That is not what a free market is all about. Last I checked, in fact, they’ve been treated much different than Universal, SeaWorld and all these other places,” he said. “And so they’re upset because they’re actually having to live by the same rules as everybody else.” 

This is an ongoing story with new developments happening quickly. Stay tuned right here at Disney Dining for the most up to date information. 

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