Say Goodbye to at Least One Dining Venue at Disney World Next Month

disney world restaurant epcot space 220
EPCOT's Space 220 Restaurant/Credit: Disney Parks

Next month, Disney World will replace one of its trending dining locations with a brand-new option.

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Sanaa | Walt Disney World Resort

Sanaa/Credit: Disney Parks

No matter how long you stay when you visit the Walt Disney World Resort, chances are that you’re going to get hungry at one point or another. Sometimes you’ll be hungry simply because it’s lunchtime. Another time you might be hungry because it’s dinnertime. And at Disney World, it’s also quite possible that you’ll find yourself hungry because it’s I-just-walked-past-a-snack-cart-at-Magic-Kingdom time. (That Disney vacation hunger is different from regular vacation hunger–it doesn’t play around!)

But no matter the reasoning or time of day behind that sudden urge to feed yourself (and, of course, those you have in tow) while you’re in the parks, you can relax knowing that no matter what you’re craving (in the South, we say “have a hankerin’ for”), you can relax knowing that there’s not only something for every palette and every craving/hankering, there are also endless options for every aversion and everyone in your traveling party. They even have fantastic options for Guests who have certain dietary restrictions.

Disney parks expand 'plant-based' food options (don't call them vegan) | CNN

Credit: CNN

At the Walt Disney World Resort, Guests can choose from three categories of dining options. Some will say there are two categories, so ignore them because they’re wrong. Guests can choose to sit down and enjoy a meal with the convenience of a server at the table surrounded by friends and family (or alone–we won’t judge). Disney calls this table-service dining. Table-service venues include locations like Tony’s Restaurant on Town Square at Magic Kingdom, Be Our Guest at Fantasyland inside Magic Kingdom, and ‘Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

Ohana | Walt Disney World Resort

‘Ohana Restaurant/Credit: Disney Parks

Guests can also choose quick-service dining options, which allow them to place a mobile order for their food, pick up their orders, and then choose seating inside the venue–or anywhere around the theme park. This option gives Guests the freedom and flexibility to keep enjoying the parks while they eat or to choose a spot where they’d like to sit and enjoy their food. Quick-service venues are usually less expensive than table-service venues and include Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom and Connections Cafe and Sunshine Seasons at EPCOT.

Gather with Friends and Family in New Connections Café & Eatery at EPCOT | Disney Parks Blog

Connections Cafe at EPCOT/Credit: Disney Parks

The third dining option for Guests offers the least frills but still lots of thrills–Disney’s kiosk and cart options. While these tiny venues offer very limited options, they can still be great choices when you’re in a hurry, but you’ve just gotta grab something. Some of the kiosks and carts offer only dessert-style options, while others, like EPCOT’s Fife & Drum at the American Adventure on the World Showcase, offer other options that some swear they can make a meal of. Again, we won’t judge.


Photo Gallery for Fife & Drum Tavern at Epcot

Credit: MealTrip

At Disney Springs, Guests will find all three of the categories when it comes to dining options–and an additional “category,” if you will, as Disney’s premier dining, shopping, and entertainment district also features a selection of food truck options.

There’s only one downside–one of the four food trucks at Disney Springs is closing in June. Though Disney has not said what will replace the Mac & Cheese venue at Disney Springs, the truck will be replaced with a new option. The other trucks will remain as they are now.

Disney is making a change to its food truck lineup at Disney Springs. Mac & Cheese will be discontinued in early June and replaced with something new, according to Disney. Details to be shared later. Local Green Orlando, 4 Rivers Cantina Barbacoa and Hot Diggity Dogs to remain.

Disney will announce the new venue in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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