How Hollywood Studios’ LEAST POPULAR Attraction Could be a GAME CHANGER

Tower of Terror
Credit: Jill Bivins

Hollywood Studios has seen a lot of love in recent years from Disney. Toy Story Land and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge are two of the newest themed lands at Walt Disney World and remain incredibly popular. The very first ride featuring. Mickey Mouse, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is front and center and the Park is also home to some of Walt Disney World’s most iconic attractions, like Tower of Terror, the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, Fantasmic! and, of course, the infamous Muppet Vision 3D.

Still, many feel that Hollywood Studios is suffering from an identity crisis and in desperate need of help to energize the Park. The Park is teeming with IP, but much of it is disorganized. Toy Story Land and Galaxy’s Edge offer top-notch themeing but the rest is a hodge-podge of random stuff, thrown together. It needs work and a recent collaboration on Reddit found that help in the most unlikely place!

Muppet Vision 3D is Not Aging Well

Muppet Vision 3D

Credit: Jill Bivins

Muppet Vision 3D has declined in popularity and many Guests feel like it may be the next attraction to permanently close at Disney World. While it’s true that the 3D movie has seen better days and it’s certainly experienced more popularly, it is still deeply loved by many. GenX and Millennial nostalgia is big business for Disney and this attraction is teeming with it. Disney would do well to capitalize on that.

The theater that currently houses Muppet Vision 3D has certainly seen better days. What once felt like stepping into The Muppet Show is now like visiting that old movie theater in town- the one that makes you look around and say “this probably used to be really nice!” If the show is going to survive, the theater needs a lot of love. An entirely brand new theater wouldn’t hurt…and we just happens to know just the place!

Muppet Land

Off of Sunset Blvd there’s an offshoot that…doesn’t make a lot of sense. Originally, the area only housed Rock n Roller Coaster but now it also houses Lightning Mcqueen’s Racing Academy. Other than that, there’s nothing except a long walk to underutilized space. It’s a prime location for a reimagining. Enter: Muppets Land.

Muppet Land Muppet vision 3d

Credit: Disney

While we wanted to love Racing Academy …we just don’t. We aren’t alone either, most people come away saying “I wanted that to be…more.” The world of Disney would not suffer to lose this lackluster attraction and since it’s already set up as a theater, it wouldn’t take much to turn it into the new home of Muppet Vision 3D (but please Disney, get rid of the bench seating).

Muppet vision 3D

Credit: Jill Bivins

Rock n Roller Coaster could finally get that long rumored Muppet re-theme. When the Aerosmith-themed ride went down for refurbishment earlier this year, everyone thought that it would come back themed to Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. Many were disappointed when the re-theme didn’t happen and the show creators even expressed support for the idea!

Finally, tie the land together with a good option. No, not Pizza Rizzo. We were thinking something much more fitting would be in order for this wacky Land. Why not give EPCOT’s popular (but temporary) Muppet themed Brew-Wing Lab booth a permanent home at Hollywood Studios? This experimental taste testing lab would fit perfectly in a Muppet Land. It’s a perfect fit, too. No other Disney Park is better suited to wings and beer than Hollywood Studios.


With so many possibilities, Disney would have the room (and source material) for an almost endless supply.of ideas for this land. A Muppet Babies dance party? Sure. Miss Piggy themed photo studio? Why not? A Rainbow Connection themed dark ride? Yes, please! A trackless Muppet Caper styled car chase? Sign me up.

Muppet Christmas Carol

Credit: Disney

At Christmas, this land could really shine! The Muppet Christmas Carol is one of the most beloved Christmas films ever. Scrooge and Bob Cractchit Meet and Greets and a sing-along would be epic! The land could get a snowy overlay and feature holiday-themed food and beverages. Just the thought of it has set my millenial heart all aflutter, but even my 8-year old son loves The Muppet Christmas Carol so it truly would appeal to all ages.

Many on Reddit have floated their versions of this idea and it just makes sense. The space where Muppet Vision 3D currently resides could be re-themed entirely (villains anyone?) OR as many on Reddit suggested, serve as Galaxy’s Edge expansion. A Muppet-themed land would invigorate Hollywood Studios and turn a dead area of the park into a thriving must-visit destination. Plus, it would just be FUN!




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