Looking for the BEST Pizza at Walt Disney World? We’ve Got You Covered

Best pizza at Disney World

It’s National Pizza Week and to celebrate we’re rounding up the very best pizza at Walt Disney World!. Italian by nature, pizza has worked its way into the American culinary culture so much so that most of us have a favorite regional style.From classic to modern there’s a Pizza for every taste bud at Disney, but not all pizza is created equally. We rake a look at some pies you simply must try and two that you should absolutely skip. 

Wood-Fired Authentic Napoletana

Via Napoli

Credit: WDW Tips

We’ll start with the very best pizza Disney has to offer! Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria is located in the Italy Pavilion at EPCOT and you really can’t pick a bad pizza here. Their secret? San Marzano tomatoes and real Caputo flour imported from Southern Italy! Their water is even imported to match the alkalinity of the water in Naples! To call yourself an “authentic Napalese pizzeria,” you’ve got to be certified. Via Napoli is one of only a handful of American pizza restaurants to hold the coveted “La Vera Pizza Napoletana certification.” As we said, you can’t go wrong here, but we like it spicy so we highly recommend the sausage-topped piccante!

Mama Melrose- Margherita Flatbread

Beat pizza at Disney world

Credit: Delicious Little Bites

Mama Melrose is often the subject of mixed reviews but we happen to love it here at Disney Dining. At this Hollywood Studios eatery they serve a modern twist on the classic Margherita pizza. Melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella, house-made marinara sauce, fresh basil and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil make this a favorite in our family, and the Flatbread instead of traditional crust give it just a bit of interest that keeps it from being “run-of-the-mill.”

Blaze Pizza

Blaze pizza

Credit: The Desert Sun

If customization is key to your pizza m-eating experience then Blaze Pizza is the place for you! This is a chain pizza restaurant with a Disney Springs location but still deserves a spot on the list if for nothing else but for its creativity. Think of Blaze Pizza like the Chipotle of pizza! With over 30 toppings, a variety of cheese and sauce options, the options are limitless. What will you create?

Pizza Ponte-Big Roman

Best pizza at Disney World

Credit: Pizza Ponte

Pizza Ponte at Disney Springs is a counter service location serving up Sicilian style pizza by the slice and you can’t go wrong here either but we recommend the Big Roman! When we say one slice of pizza is enough to be a meal, we mean it. The massive slice is as big as your head. For the reasonable.price of $7.95, it’s a great way to eat for cheap at Disney. This is your standard New York style, loaded with cheese and drippi g grease, which may be a turn off for some but a New Style slice that doesn’t drip grease isn’t a New York style pizza in our opinion.

Skip Pizzafari and Pizza Rizzo!

Best pizza at Disney World

We want to love these two Pizza restaurants, we really do. We’ve tried them numerous times and the result is always the same- “meh!” Disney World is home to world-class food, we wouldn’t be Disney Dining if we didn’t think so. You can do so much better here than run of the mill theme park food but that is exactly what you get from both Pizza Rizzo and Pizzafari. It’s… not bad but that’s the best we can say for it because it certainly isn’t good. Save your money and get your pizza fix elsewhere.

This isn’t an exhaustive list but this list will absolutely not steer you wrong. The pizza goodness doesn’t end at Walt Disney World either. For you West Coasters, check out our list of Disneyland’s best pizza!



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