Where to Find the Best Pizza at Disneyland

Naples Pizza
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When it comes to deciding where to eat at Disneyland Resort, the options may seem endless. You can go with the traditional burger and fries, or maybe chicken strips. If you want to treat yourself — which you definitely should — there are always a number of fabulous sit-down restaurants with exciting and creative options, like Carthay Circle in Disney California Adventure. But sometimes you want something hot, cheesy, and classic — a nice pizza.

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Here’s where you can find the best pizza at the three areas that make up Disneyland Resort — Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure, and Downtown Disney.

Disneyland Park

Red Rose Taverne

A lot of theme parks are known for their individual-sized pizzas that are usually advertised towards a younger audience. While those may hit the spot when you are starving, and a location serving the pizza is right there, they are not the best spot for pizza at The Happiest Place on Earth. If you want a good pizza, head into Fantasyland and get yourself a flatbread pizza from Red Rose Taverne.

Red Rose Pizza

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Red Rose Taverne — formerly Pinnochio’s Village Haus — is themed after Gaston’s Tavern from the classic film Beauty and the Beast. Red Rose typically has two types of pizzas on the menu and they are both flatbread pizzas. The first is a traditional pepperoni pizza and the second is a garden mozzarella flatbread, which is basically a Margherita pizza with a balsamic glaze. Both are delicious, so you really can’t go wrong with whichever one you choose.

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Pro-tip: Red Rose Taverne also has the famous Grey Stuff, which is delicious — Lumiere did not lie!

Disney California Adventure Park

Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta

At Disney California Adventure, the best place to get a yummy piece of pizza is pretty easy to find, considering the name of the restaurant tells you exactly what they sell. Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta is found in the corner of the Park by the Silly Symphony Swings and on the road to the back of Pixar Pier.

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Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta has pizza that will satisfy almost any Guest. They always have traditional cheese and pepperoni by the slice, but they also have veggie pizzas for those who want to make sure they eat something with a little more oomph (or say that they had a “salad” for lunch). In addition to that, the location will typically have a “specialty” pizza that you can get a piece of. Past specialty pizzas included the very popular shrimp scampi pizza.

Downtown Disney

Naples Ristorante e Bar

Downtown Disney probably has the most concentrated amount of restaurants in a single area for the entire Resort. There are a ton of absolutely amazing places to eat, and the variety is incredible. Those who are looking to enjoy a scrumptious pizza pie should head to Naples Ristorante e Bar, which is one of the first restaurants you will hit when heading into Downtown Disney from the Parks.

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Naples has a large variety of pizzas that you can get in sizes ranging from individual to large enough to feed the whole family. While they do have the traditional cheese and pepperoni, they also have delectable options like roasted mushroom, barbecue chicken, and Porchetta ham.

**Honorable Mention**

Napolini Pizzeria

Napolini Pizzeria great pizza spot is for those who want to grab a pie and eat it on the go! There is a great variety when it comes to these pizzas, including spicy sausage, Capri pizza with shrimp, California pizza with smoked mozzarella, and Hawaiian.

What’s your favorite pizza spot at Disneyland?

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