Never Grow Up by Visiting Peter Pan’s Flight in Fantasyland

By Cassie

Peter Pan’s Flight is a delightful excursion on a galleon ship that has pixie dust sprinkled on it, enabling it to fly over London and through the skies to Neverland.

You will see all the delightful characters from the (1953) film represented here at the attraction. You will recall this story includes the children of the Darling family. Even before we board our ships we are introduced to the Darlings by way of the queue that takes us around and into their home. We enter through a hallway that has several paintings of scenes from Neverland beginning with a map, mermaids, Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Second Star, London at night, and Peter and Tink on the rooftop. Then we find we are outside looking in at adults seen through some windows, and Nana, their dog, tied up outside.

The queue reenters the home in a hallway full of family portraits before bringing us into the children’s nursery. We of course see that iconic window looking over the rooftops of London lit up at night. Nana’s inside dog house, a toy cupboard and the children’s beds. One boy has a sheet tied above his bed to resemble a sail of a ship, a pirate’s chest on his bed while the other has some wooden building blocks spelling out P-E-T-E-R P-A-N. There are more blocks on the floor near his bed that I am sure have special meaning to the Imagineers who placed them there. Nana has a dish of milk waiting for her. Wendy has a four poster canopy bed with a silhouette of, or really the shadow of? Peter Pan. I like this theming in the extended queue opened in late 2014. This attraction always has a long wait time, so having this interesting part of it added should break up the wait time making it a bit more enjoyable.

I still do not understand why people are willing to wait such a very long time for such a very short ride. I guess it is tradition. This attraction does not disappoint guests who want it to remain as it always has. You may wonder how Disney managed to carve out the space for all this new themed queue? They removed the bathrooms that used to be in this location. Tangled-themed bathrooms are right across from the same area so this was a great move for fans of Peter Pan’s Flight.

There is a new sign showing an illustration of the ride vehicle with three adults and two children on laps making an easy to understand visual even for those who do not read English to understand how the ship can seat a family of five with two small children. This undoubtedly aids Cast Members in trying to sit a family on one ship in the short amount of time given to board. After you step aboard your ship a Cast Member sprinkles “Pixie Dust” onto the lap bar causing it to magically lower and your ship to gain flight. The first scene is inside the nursery with Michael, Wendy and John sitting on one of the beds. They are obviously watching for someone to come.

We fly high outside the Darling’s house where we see their family dog, Nana, barking outside in the yard. We join Wendy, Michael and John, along with Peter Pan of course. You can fly! Peter takes the Darling children, and us, on a flight over London complete with Big Ben and busy streets below. We see shadows in front of the moon as we fly through the night. Further on in flight we find ourselves over Neverland where we see the mermaids, Lost Boys, Native Americans, and Tinker Bell.

The story of Wendy being kidnapped by Hook and her rescue by Peter Pan unfolds before us and the end of the ride is right around the next corner. (This is a Disney dark ride, and it is constantly twisting and turning allowing very little chance of getting a good photograph inside without the use of flash. I am not willing to cross that line and I hope that you won’t either.) The last scene shows a pirate ship sprinkled with Pixie Dust flying the children back to their home in London. We turn the last corner and find ourselves back outside. Our pirate ship has brought us back to Fantasyland and it is time to step out. To the left you will see painted scenes from Neverland including the Crocodile, Skull Rock, and a Pirate Ship.

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What you may not know about Peter Pan’s Adventure is that it has not changed since it opened with the Park in 1971. It was in fact designed 60 years ago. The only refurbishments have been to the exterior or the queue. Because of this there have been multiple generations experiencing the same attraction. All of those generations have made Peter Pan a traditional stop in the Magic Kingdom generating long lines. I highly suggest you take advantage of FastPass+ for this attraction or ride it first thing in the morning or in the last hour prior to park close, or during parades. The ride has not changed, but late 2014 the queue changed. The three-minute flight follows the same overhead path it always has. It is a charming presentation of the story of Peter Pan. I highly recommend this attraction to families with young children as well as guests of any age who have heard the tale of the flying boy who never grew up. If you have not read the story of Peter Pan to your children you can pick up an illustrated story book at the Emporium gift shop on your way out of Magic Kingdom.

A popular rumor online is that Peter Pan’s Flight does not power down like many other attractions, the reason being the generator. The generator is original and they are not confident it will start again. I was able to confirm that the attraction does not power down. The lights and the audio are turned way down but the audio animatronic figures continue to operate. For evacuations they use ladders and adjust the ride speed as low as possible. I have neither been evacuated nor seen an evacuation done at Peter Pan’s Flight, so I cannot confirm any of this. Have any of you been there for an evacuation?


About Cassie

Cassie L. I am a lifelong Disney fan. I attended Walt Disney World in 1971, and was there during the opening week of EPCOT, and have visited the Disney Parks for than 30 times. I have had the privilege of visiting Disneyland as a child, and then again with my children. My family recently moved from the northeastern United States to the Walt Disney World area. I now have cast members in my family and enjoy hearing the magical stories at the end of a shift. I love visiting all of the parks and getting to try more Disney food and being able to share it with you to help you plan your own magical day at Disney.