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Plan the Ultimate Day at Disney’s Contemporary Resort


Planning a stay at Disney’s Contemporary Resort? Lucky you! This popular modern-themed Resort was one of only three Walt Disney World Resorts to open with Magic Kingdom in 1971, and it continues to thrill guests today. So why not work a resort day into your schedule, so you can enjoy all this iconic resort has to offer! Credit: Disney Dine ...

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Planning a Resort Day at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort

There’s nothing like a resort day at Walt Disney World to take a break from the chaos of the parks.  We love getting our Disney fix at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, but some of our favorite discoveries have been made by exploring the resort we’re staying at.  From pools to dining to special activities to gift ...

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First Timer at Walt Disney World? Here Are The Basics

If you’re new to the wonders of Walt Disney World, I envy the magic you’re about to discover! That being said, WDW is an ever-changing behemoth that can be a little daunting for the uninitiated. Meals, attractions, parks, resorts, transportation – how to make sense of it all? Not to worry! Below is a run-down of the basics you’ll want to ...

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10 Q&As for Dining at Walt Disney World

At Walt Disney World, dining isn’t just a way to fuel your body – it’s a magical experience unto itself!  There are countless dining adventures waiting for you in the parks, resorts and in Disney Springs.  But all of those options can be overwhelming, even if you’ve been to WDW before.  Here are ten common questions and answers to help ...

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Things You May Have Missed at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Have you visited Walt Disney World enough to know your way around? Think you’re an expert on all things Animal Kingdom?  Maybe you missed your calling as a cast member? Let’s test that theory! Here are ten things that the average WDW guest may not have stumbled upon in Animal Kingdom. How many of these have you missed? Not to worry, you can always ...

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10 Experiences We’re Ready To Reopen at Walt Disney World

There’s no denying that vacationing at Walt Disney World is a little different this year than it was pre-pandemic.  But fear not, more and more experiences that you know and love are returning every day to WDW, if sometimes in a slightly modified form.  So, what iconic Disney experiences are we still eagerly waiting to reopen in the parks?  Here ...

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Disney Confessions That Could Get Our Disney Card Revoked

Mickey Bars.  Pirates of the Caribbean.  Cinderella Castle.  There are certain things that are nearly universally loved among Disney fans – so much so, that you might feel a little awkward revealing that you don’t share the love.  Today, I’m laying all my cards on the table and risking having my Disney card revoked by revealing a few things that, ...

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The Disney Princesses & What Makes Them Extra Special

Do you have a Disney Princess fan in your house?  Do you find it hard to keep all of Disney’s loveable heroines straight (there certainly are quite a few)?  If you find yourself in need of a crash course on just who the official Disney Princesses are, when they debuted, and where you can watch them in action, look no ...

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