Top 2021 Walt Disney World New Year’s Resolutions

Splash Mountain
Photo Credit: Matthew Cooper (www.thetimethespace.com)

Let’s face it – 2020 hasn’t been a banner year for any of us.  In fact, it’s one most of us would like to forget, and are eager to put behind us.  So, let’s do just that, and look to 2021!  And what better way to celebrate a new year than by making New Year’s resolutions?  Even if you don’t typically make resolutions (unused gym memberships, anyone??), it’s always fun to make resolutions that involve Walt Disney World!  Here are our top 2021 WDW New Year’s resolutions.  What would you add?


1. Ride Splash Mountain Once More

Walt Disney World is always revamping and improving its attractions, which is why we love returning year after year, to see all the new magic at the parks.  One of the rides receiving a makeover in the near future is Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom.  We’re so excited for the theme of this classic attraction to be reimagined, telling a new story inspired by the Princess and the Frog, that embraces inclusivity and diversity!  One of our New Year’s resolutions is to ride the old Splash Mountain once more, for old times’ sake.

2. Stay at a New Resort

If you’re anything like us, you have a favorite go-to Walt Disney World resort hotel (or two!) that you enjoyed so much, you keep returning to.  And there’s nothing wrong with that – there’s nothing like that feeling of coming home to a familiar resort on vacation.  But in 2021, we’d like to branch out and try a resort we’ve never stayed at before.  The only question is: which one??  There are so many options for accommodations at WDW, it’s like an adventure researching and choosing a resort hotel!

3. Soar on the Skyliner

We love trying out new transportation options at Walt Disney World.  Whether it’s enjoying the monorail views while resort-hopping, or chilling out with a water taxi ride down the Sassagoula River, there are lots of fun ways to get to your destination, wherever that may be!  One mode of transportation we would love to try in 2021 is the Disney Skyliner.  Soaring above the treetops in a gondola with magnificent views you can’t get anywhere else on property?  Sounds like a plan!

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4. Try Out the New Walking Path 

Speaking of transportation options, there’s nothing like using your own two feet to get to your destination!  Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of instances where you can walk from a resort to a park in Walt Disney World.  But thankfully, now there’s one more!  The eagerly awaited walking path from Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort to Magic Kingdom is now open, and one of our WDW New Year’s resolutions is to check it out.  The walk in either direction takes about 10-15 minutes, and we’ve heard amazing things about great views of Disney’s Contemporary, Polynesian Village and Grand Floridian Resorts guests are treated to along the way.

5. More Time at Disney Springs

Spending a day in Walt Disney World’s parks can be exhausting, especially if you’re up at the crack of dawn (either because you have little ones eager to get to the parks, or because you’re pretty excited yourself!).  We often find that we have the best intentions of heading to Disney Springs after a busy day in the parks, but instead end up crashing at our resort, exhausted.  So in 2021, we want to make sure we build in time in our schedule to wander around Disney Springs, taking in all the fabulous shopping, entertainment and dining options that we often don’t get a chance to enjoy.

Credit: Disney

6. Squeeze in Resort Time

Ever since we started visiting Walt Disney World, we’ve tried to squeeze in time to go resort-hopping.  It’s become one of our favorite things to do on property, in fact, and it’s a great way to visit new resorts, check out new dining options, and even become inspired for your next WDW vacation.  But one thing we often fail to do is leave enough time to explore the resort we’re actually staying at.  So next time we visit, we want to devote more time to enjoying all the amenities at our fingertips – something that is especially important if you’re lucky enough to be staying at a deluxe resort (after all, you’re paying for all that luxury – why not enjoy it?).  Whether it’s a pool day, spa treatment, or even just exploring the grounds of the resort, it’s always time well spent.

7. More Healthy Eating

Your dining choices are seemingly endless at Walt Disney World, and it’s all too easy to be tempted by yummy new entrees, fancy seasonal snacks, and all of those delectable Mickey-themed desserts.  Generally, when visiting WDW, we adopt the motto “calories don’t count on vacation”, which gives us the justification to eat anything and everything we see – yum!  But in 2021, we want to try some of WDW’s healthier options, which are in abundance throughout the parks.  This way, we can avoid derailing the healthy lifestyle we’re working towards, while still choosing special treats to indulge in occasionally.  Best of both worlds?  We think so!

Coral Reef

8. Finally See Galaxy’s Edge

It’s been more than a year since Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios.  And we still haven’t seen it.  (Yes, I’m appropriately shame-faced).  In 2021, our goal is to stop relying on rave reviews from friends and colleagues, and actually experience Black Spire Outpost in all its glory for ourselves!  Now, if only we could decide whether to try the Blue Milk or the Green Milk…

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