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The WORST Restaurant at Walt Disney World is Also One of Its Most Popular

Cinderella's Royal Table Cinderella Castle

When judging whether a restaurant is any good or not, we take several things into consideration: food quality, service, rice, and ambiance. These are all critical components of a great dining experience.  When one is off, everything is off. When more than one is off, you’re probably not going to have a good time.   Related: The Best Disney Restaurant in Every ...

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Disney World’s Most Popular Ride Doesn’t Exist According to Study

Cinderella Castle splash Mountain

Disney World is home to dozens of beloved attractions—146 of them, to be exact. With so many incredible attractions, it’s understandable that some are more popular than others. There are some that have stood the test of time. Rides like “its a small world,” Haunted Mansion, and Carousel of Progress are classics. Newcomers like Rise of the Resistance, Tron Lightcyle ...

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Johnny Depp’s Stunt Double Sued for a Massive Amount of Money

Johnny Depp stunt double

The life of a stunt double is hard. The life of Johnny Depp’s stunt double? That’s another thing entirely. Such was the fate of Tony Angelotti. Depp was known to do some crazy things on set. Angelotti only stepped in when it was perilous. Taking the role of Depp’s stunt double almost cost Angelotti his life. Related: Johnny Depp Finally ...

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Disney Cast Member Caught Taking ‘Upskirt’ Photos Strikes Again

Not long ago we reported that a Disney World Cast Member was fired for taking “upskirt” photos. You’d think public humiliation and job loss would have been enough to change his ways but sadly that doesn’t seem to be the case. 26-year-old Jorge Diaz-Vega Jr. has done it again. Related: Disney Cast Member Arrested For Taking “Upskirt” Photos This time ...

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Brand New Hang Out Coming to Disney Shopping District

Downtown Disney

Disney Springs and Downtown Disney are the places to be for fun and entertainment. These shopping districts truly have it all. From incredible food to one-of-a-kind shopping, there is something for everyone! Now, there’s even more to love at Downtown Disney! Related: Something You Don’t See Every Day: Portion of Downtown Disney is Now Demolished  Downtown Disney is currently undergoing ...

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Disney Teases HUGE Christmas Announcement (and We’ve Got Ideas…)

Cinderella dream lights

We are nearly halfway to Christmas! That seems unbelievable! How is the year halfway over? Then again, all of the years have sort of blended together since 2020, so maybe it’s not all that strange after all. To celebrate, Disney is doing a “Halfway to the Holidays” event from June 13-15 with limited-time treats, goodies, and merchandise throughout the week!  ...

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The (Untrue) Disney World Advice You Should Absolutely Ignore

Kilimanjaro safari animal kingdom

When you take a ride on Kilimanjaro Safari, you expect to see animals. After all, isn’t that the whole point? So naturally, you’d want to see as many as possible during your adventure. How do you make sure that you maximize your viewing for the most memorable experience? Well, as it turns out, the advice that has been popular for ...

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Guest Shares GENIUS New Tron Hack

Tron Lightcyle

Tron Lightcyle / Run has been criticized for its size restrictions. When it opened, many took to social media to express their disappointment that they could not fit on the ride. Many guests criticized Disney for what they saw as a lack of inclusivity. Others dismissed the criticism explaining that the ride’s restrictions are for safety purposes. Related: Tron Lightcyle ...

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Whoopi Goldberg Yells at Audience During Outburst on The View

Whoopi Goldberg the view

The View has drawn the ire of audiences for years. Whether it’s politics or social issues, the show is no stranger to controversy.  Neither is co-host and Disney Legend Whoopi Goldberg. The famous (or infamous, depending on your view) star came under fire last year for comments she made regarding Jewish people. Perhaps her experience in the hot seat led ...

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