The Future is Here! New Disney Nighttime Show Gives a Peek At What’s Next

Flying Baymax

What do Fall Out Boy, flying robots, and Disneyland have in common? Disneyland’s newest fireworks show Wondrous Journeys! Recently we wrote about a patent Disney filed for flying robots and now it seems we  may be getting a glimpse of just what that looks like! 

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Disney’s newest nighttime spectacular is being met with rave reviews! Fans just can’t get enough of the show being dubbed “a love letter to Disney animation.” Many (myself included) have compared it to Happily Ever After. The show is really that good. With 18 songs and projections of every single Disney animated feature ever made, this show is an absolute perfect tribute for the Disney100 Celebration.  

Baymax flying

Credit: Twitter

One of the most exciting elements of the show is undoubtedly when Baymax takes to the sky in an incredible flight while a rendition of Fall Out Boy’s “Immortals” (featured in Big Hero 6) plays. It’s…inspiring. Check it out: 

Is that not an incredible sight? (Way better than the other surprise appearance in the show, the Blue Fairy which fans think looks creepy). There clearly seems to be a guide wire directing Baymax’s flight so this is not truly a flying robot but it’s a start.If the recent patent filing is any indication, this could be the future of Disney entertainment. 

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It seems Disney still has a ways to go, working out the kinks and achieving flight without a wire but we are in awe nonetheless. Nothing about that Baymax character looks like it should be able to stay in the air and yet it does. Imagineers are truly an ingenious group of people.  

Patent approval us usually a lengthy process and Disney, no doubt, would want to wait until the patent is approved to debut robots that are truly flying their own (“patent pending” only gives so much legal protection) but if Wondrous Journeys is any indication…we can’t wait to see what they come up with. It’s going to be truly incredible.


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