Red-Handed: Repeat Offender Caught Sneaking Into Disney World to Steal From Guests

Theft at Disney World

Once you do something very very wrong at Walt Disney World you are “trespassed,” which means you’re banned by Disney security and can no longer come back. This is the ultimate punishment the theme park can give a person and is reserved for the worst offenses (because let’s face it, Disney wants you to come back…they want your money). Some guests though just can’t seem to behave and Disney finds it better to not welcome them back again. 

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Victor Alfonso Diaz theft at Disney world

Credit: Orange County Sheriff’s Department

Victor Alfonso Diaz is one of those people after suspected pickpocketing, he was apprehended and trespassed from Disney World. That should’ve been the end of his story, at least where Disney is concerned.  Except he, once again, decided the rules didn’t apply to him and snuck back into the park with three others– Elvia Johanna Palaciasoviedo, Carlos Eucevio Albarracin, and Mathew Salamanca. 

Magic Kingdom and Ferry

Credit: orlandoinformer.com

None of them had tickets to Magic Kingdom when security found them recently in the Park. It wasn’t a ride on “it’s a small world” the group was after, they had a more sinister goal in mind. Security began searching for them once video footage showed that they had walked past the entry touch points without scanning tickets.

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When security found them, they had a bag full of stolen wares, mostly phones and portable phone chargers. The theft ring had clearly planned their crime as the group was found in possession of a silver faraday bag that blocks phone signals. Inside the bag  police found three phones, a SIM card key and two large portable chargers, according to a report by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.  

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Victor Alfonso Diaz was charged with third-degree grand theft. This Is a felony charge that under Florida law, carries a maximum sentence of 5 years in Florida State Prison and a $5,000.00 fine. The rest of the group received misdemeanor trespassing charges. 

Sheriff's car

Credit: Orange County Sheriff’s Department

This serves as a sobering reminder that even within the Disney Bubble, bad things can happen.While we like to shut out the world and pretend it doesn’t exist, all too often, the real world confronts us in our happy place anyway.  Always be aware of your surroundings and never leave your valuables unattended.  


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