Inappropriate touching, fists flying, jumping the queue, spitting on others: Guests behaving badly at Disney in 2021

It’s so hard to believe that 2021 is drawing to a close and 2022 is just days away. At DisneyDining, we’re thankful for the loyalty of our readers, and we can’t wait to have you with us in the new year!

As with many news outlets, it’s interesting to look back over the year to remember what has transpired, to see how much has been accomplished, how people have grown, to reminisce and be inspired.

But alas, that is not the case with this look back over 2021, as in this post, we are taking a look at the worst Guest behavior at Disney Parks in 2021. Some of the behaviors made us scratch our heads. Other Guest behavior made us absolutely furious. Some of it made us blush, and other Guest behavior made us sick at our stomachs.

Without further ado, here are some of our picks for the worst Guest behavior at Disney Parks.

Guest takes a flying leap off a truck at Kilimanjaro Safaris

A male Guest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom was apparently never taught that patience is a virtue. Rather than waiting for a Cast Member to assist him, when this Guest dropped his cell phone during the Kilimanjaro Safaris attraction experience, he simply jumped out of the multi-passenger ride vehicle to retrieve it.

Another Guest aboard the attraction witnessed the bad Guest behavior and took to Facebook to share what she saw:

“I was on the Kilimanjaro Safari yesterday and a man in the vehicle in front of us dropped his cell phone and JUMPED OUT TO GET IT. He grabbed his phone and climbed back in. I’m not sure what possessed him to do that after we just drove past a bunch of rhinos but security was waiting for him at the end of the Safari to escort him out of the park (and the rest of his family). I’ve seen a lot of things, but that was a first.”

Not only was it against the rules for the male Guest to disembark the ride vehicle, but it was also extremely dangerous, especially so close to a herd of rhinos. The driver of the ride vehicle at the Safaris attraction said that even the game wardens at Disney’s Animal Kingdom won’t get close to the rhinos.

Entitled Guest thinks rules don’t apply to him and gets banned for life

A male Guest at Disney Springs at the Walt Disney World Resort used some wildly colorful language with Cast Members and members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office when he was approached about his behavior. He was eventually removed from Disney Springs. According to Reddit, the Guest said that the officers weren’t used to dealing with someone from Detroit.

Offensive Disney Man

We’re not sure if they’ve dealt with anyone from Detroit, but we do know that being from Detroit doesn’t make you exempt from being banned from Disney Parks for life, as that’s exactly what the Guest was awarded for his behavior: a lifetime ban.

Was it worth it?

Female Guest inappropriately touches Gaston and he demands that she leave

One young female Guest at Disney World seemed to believe the rules didn’t apply to her either. This incident didn’t happen this year, but it was reported on this year as a female Guest approached Gaston at Magic Kingdom at Disney World for a meet and greet with him. (Gosh, we miss those!)

When it was her turn to meet Gaston, the Guest immediately put her hands on his chest. The Cast Member playing the role of Gaston asked her to stop, but she again reached to put her hands on his chest. Gaston then pointed for her to leave the area since she was being disrespectful.


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Many of our readers commented that they felt if the Guest had been male and the same scenario had happened with a female Cast Member, the male Guest would have had legal consequences.

We’re not sure what would have happened, but we’re sure her behavior was inappropriate, rude, and not something any of us wants to see when we visit Disney World.

Two families apparently didn’t want to Live with the Land

Just after Thanksgiving this year, two families aboard a boat at the Living with the Land attraction at EPCOT disembarked at the end of the ride and began throwing punches at each other. During a video posted by RandomDisneyDude, the group of Guests can be seen with flying fists, and one Guest is even on the ground.

A female Cast Member calls out to the Guests to stop fighting, but thankfully, she didn’t attempt to break up the brawl. The Guests eventually walk away, still yelling at each other, but their fists have landed for the day.

Impatient Guest cuts in line and spits on Guest as he walks by

This Guest wins for disgusting Guest behavior in 2021. During a visit to Magic Kingdom Park recently, a family from Buffalo, New York, was eager to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, but their experience in the queue was anything but magical.

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The family of four–mom, Kelsey, her husband, and her two children–were in the queue for the Pirates attraction when the incident took place. One of Kelsey’s kids was recovering from a broken knee, which kept the family walking at a slower pace than other Guests. As they made their way through the queue, it became apparent that another Guest behind them was becoming impatient. He seemed to want to bypass the family, as he was frustrated with their slower pace in the queue.

The male Guest went so far as to tell Kelsey and her family to move faster or step out of the queue, but Kelsey kept a level head and just ignored the comments. This was all during the evening hours at Magic Kingdom Park, and the queue wasn’t very crowded.

Daily Photo: Pirates of the Caribbean | Disney world florida, Pirates of the caribbean, Disney world parks

Though Kelsey tried to ignore the male Guest’s comments, his frustration didn’t ease, and he finally pushed his way through, pulled down his face mask, and spit in Kelsey’s hair as he rushed past her. Then he made his way to the loading zone and boarded a boat for the attraction ahead of Kelsey and her crew.

We have no words. The male Guest’s behavior was disgusting in any season, and during a pandemic, it’s even more atrocious. Gross!

Huge brawl on the verge of breaking out at queue for Avatar: Flight of Passage

During a recent visit to Walt Disney World, one Guest recorded a near-altercation in the queue for the Avatar: Flight of Passage attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

An altercation was narrowly averted, as seen in a TikTok video posted by @troost123456789. In the video, a man appears to cut in line ahead of another man and woman who’ve been waiting to experience the banshee ride. The person he steps in front of says something to the Guest who cut in line, and that Guest actually pulls on the man’s t-shirt twice, sounding and gesturing as if he is telling him to go ahead of him.

Other Guests begin calling out to the Guest who cut in line, and he isn’t happy with their comments. At one point, he looks back at the Guests, and for several seconds, the tension in the air is almost visible. The video ends after the line moves forward and everyone must keep walking to the queue doesn’t get backed up.

No Guest has ever made friends by cutting in line!

These are just a few examples of bad Guest behavior we’ve reported on at Disney World in 2021. Have you witnessed other bad behavior by Guests at Disney Parks? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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