Huge brawl between Guests narrowly averted at Disney World in queue for attraction with more than an hour-long wait

Warning: more Guests behaving badly at Disney World!

Seriously, it’s getting harder to tell the difference between the adults and the children in the parks, based solely on their behaviors. This incident happened in the World of Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park in the queue for a popular ride in the park, Avatar Flight of Passage, near the Navi River Journey ride. Inside the Flight of Passage attraction, inspired by James Cameron’s Avatar, Guests board a ride vehicle, which doubles as a banshee. The Guest plays the role of a Navi warrior, attempting to prove his or her bravery and ability in wielding the flying banshee.

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But it seems that at least one Guest might have done better to be more concerned with attempting to prove he was a responsible, courteous adult, instead of seemingly cutting in line ahead of other Guests who had already spent time in a line for the attraction in which many Guests that day would be standing for up to 70 minutes.

Other rides at Animal Kingdom theme park, like Expedition Everest, sometimes see a wait time of more than an hour or close to two hours as well, and of course, when Guests spend so much time in the queue, tensions can begin to run high.

Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Such is the case in a TikTok video posted by @troost123456789, in which a man appears to cut in line ahead of another man and woman who’ve been waiting to experience the banshee ride.

Credit: TikTok/@troost123456789

The person he steps in front of says something to the Guest who jumped the queue, and that Guest actually pulls on the man’s t-shirt once and then a second time, sounding and gesturing as if he is telling him to go ahead of him.

But Guests can be heard from behind the camera, telling the line-jumping Guest not to touch the other gentleman. The gentleman tells the Guest that they had just seen another person or two cutting in front of everyone waiting in line, “like they own the place.”

Credit: TikTok/@troost123456789

The Guest who appears to have cut in line says to the gentleman, “You don’t understand; my father’s waiting for me,” to which other Guests respond with, “Why aren’t you with him?” questioning the Guest’s credibility.

Then another Guest from behind where the person with the camera is standing calls out to the line-jumper, and asks him what he’s doing. The line-jumper looks over at that Guest and is silent for several seconds before uttering something that is difficult for the other Guest to understand. The other Guest tells the line-jumper that he cannot understand what he’s saying, so the line-jumper repeats himself multiple times, saying, “It’s not your problem.”

Credit: TikTok/@troost123456789

There are several seconds on the short video during which viewers can almost visibly see the air of tension in the queue. On another day, in a similar scenario, with different people (or maybe the same people), this scenario could have absolutely escalated into a physical altercation. Thankfully, that didn’t happen during this dispute.

Credit: TikTok/@troost123456789

There are (at least) two sides to every story, and this story is no different. On the one hand, the rules and regulations at each Disney Park are very clear about jumping the queue: doing it is grounds for removal from the park, so don’t. Pretty simple, right?

On the other hand, there are times when Guests have reasons for moving forward in the line (with Cast Member’s approval) or for falling back from the line, like in the case of a family visiting the Walt Disney World Resort recently with a child who was recovering from a broken knee.

They had to move through the queue slowly, and an extremely rude and impatient person not only shoved his way past them in the queue for the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Magic Kingdom Park but also lowered his mask and spit on the mother of the family as he rushed past them.

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Disgusting, right? And we’re not sure the line-jumping Guest’s behavior in this story was any better. One thing is for sure though, at any Disney Park, whether you’re in line at Animal Kingdom for the Avatar: Flight of Passage ride or at Hollywood Studios waiting to experience Star Tours, or at Magic Kingdom waiting to experience Space Mountain, nobody ever makes friends of other Guests when they cut in front of them.

And there’s always the chance that an altercation could break out in the park, and it’s just not worth it. So please, be courteous to other Guests. They’re in the park to enjoy Disney too, just like you.





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