Angry man spits on another Guest in line for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ after pushing her out of the way

This incident may go down as one of the most disgusting displays of bad Guest behavior in Disney Parks history.

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Just when we thought (and hoped) that maybe we had heard the worst in Guest behavior at Disney World, we heard the story of a family from Buffalo, New York, who recently visited the Most Magical Place on Earth. The family of four was at Magic Kingdom when the incident in question took place: Mom Kelsey, her husband, and her two children.

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One of her children was visiting the parks with a broken knee, which caused the family to take in the park at a slower pace than they were probably used to, but since Disney World has always been accessible and welcoming to anyone, regardless of age, abilities, injuries, handicaps, etc., it really wasn’t a problem for Kelsey and company. Until it was.

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Toward the end of the evening, the family decided to enjoy the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom. Because the time for the nighttime spectacular was approaching, the line in the queue wasn’t overly crowded. Surely Kelsey and her family were relieved by this as well since they were having to walk more slowly because of her child’s injury, or so they thought.

But soon it became apparent that another Guest behind them was becoming impatient, and the Guest even appeared to want to bypass the family, as he was frustrated with their slower pace in the queue. He even went so far as to tell Kelsey and her family to move faster or get out of the queue, but Kelsey kept a level head and just ignored the comments.

But this didn’t sit well with the other Guest who suddenly pushed his way through, forcing his way past Kelsey and her family. As he pushed past Kelsey, the other Guest lowered his face mask, and spit in Kelsey’s hair. Then he made his way to the loading zone and boarded a boat for the attraction ahead of Kelsey and her crew.

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(Perhaps we should pause here so you can take in the fact that this man not only made rude comments to Kelsey’s family and pushed his way ahead of them, but also spit on her–and right in the middle of a pandemic, no doubt.)

To say this behavior was disgusting, uncalled for, and unjustifiable in any scenario, is an understatement, but for the sake of this post, we’ll go ahead and say it.

Disgusting, uncalled for, unjustifiable! This Guest broke so many of Disney’s outlined rules about behavior in the parks, which should be justification for making sure he never steps foot on Disney World property again.

According to Disney World’s website, Guests are asked to “please show common courtesy to fellow Guests and our Cast Members by not using profanity or engaging in unsafe, illegal, disruptive or offensive behavior, jumping lines or saving places in line for others.”

Thank goodness Kelsey was able to inform a Cast Member nearby about her completely unfortunate and undeserved scenario. According to Kelsey, the Guest who spit on her was being removed from the park.

Hopefully, he was banned from Disney World permanently.


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