All New Firework Spectacular Gives Serious Happily Ever After Vibes

Wondrous Journeys
Credit: Scott Gustin

Wondrous Journeys is one of two all-new nighttime spectacular that have debuted at Disneyland for the Disney100 Celebration which honors the Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary. The show, which officially premiered on January 27 has been met with rave reviews. Guests can’t get enough of the show that is being heralded as “a love letter to Disney animation” and “truly the best fireworks show Disney has ever produced.”

Wonderous Journeys

Credit: WDW Magazine

The 15-minute show takes guests on a journey through the history of Disney Animation with projections from all 62 animated feature films, and 18 songs. Much like EPCOT Forever, the songs have been reimagined so while the melodies and lyrics remain the same, the show brings something new to love!

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 The show also features an all-new theme song called “It’s Wondrous” written by Grammy-winning composer Alex Geringas and Duddy Brown. “Something that’s really exciting is the theme song is woven throughout the whole show, but we’ve also done a really fun version for the ‘walkout,’ so people are leaving with a little pep in their step,” said Walt Disney Imagineering Global Head of Music Trisha Holloway.

Holloway went on to say that, “The music is really a love letter to the Walt Disney Animation Studios. Obviously we couldn’t use all the songs from all the movies, but we have 18 specially-selected songs that help us tell the story of the artists’ journey, which is really at the heart of Walt’s work around the world.”

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Anyone who has ever seen Happily Ever After will immediately feel at home with with Wondrous Journeys. Similar music, similar projections and a similar feeling of absolutely blissful nostalgia fill the air as the show brings in Guests to the wonderful world of Disney Animation. Scott Gustin recently tweeted a clip that instantly gave us Happily Ever After vibes. Check it out:

This show is truly magical. After several misses, with Disney Enchantment and Harmonious it’s refreshing to see Disney hit a home run. Wondrous Journeys is a show we hope will outlast the Disney100 celebration and become a Disneyland staple for years to come. Showtimes can be found here.

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