Iconic Universal Studios Attraction FINALLY Returns

Revenge of the Mummy

Universal Orlando is home to thrills and chills of all sorts but none is quite as exciting as Revenge of the Mummy! What begins as a movie set tour, led by Mummy franchise sta Brendan Fraser, turns into a full scale adventure when it turns out that everything is real and you’re on the run to escape a curse. This wont be an easy fight though, Imhotep is relentless and just when you think you’ve escaped, the cursed creature pulls you back in!

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Universal’s “thrill-coaster” does what Universal does best: combines epic thrill rides and incredible storytelling to create an experience you won’t soon forget. They’ve even used some of their “best in the industry” movie magic from Mummy motion pictures and placed you in the action. Trust me when I say, they’ve done an incredible job of making it feel very real.

Revenge of the Mummy

Credit: Universal

This ride will have you face your fears according to Universal’s website saying, “As you flee the evil Mummy Imhotep, he’ll throw everything he’s got at you: swarms of insects, warrior mummies and fire so intense you’ll definitely feel the heat.” Our fear? That the ride was gone for good. It closed in January 2022 and had no reopening timeline. Many rumors swirled that it may be gone for good, many of them probably confusing the Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood locations. With so many changes taking place at the theme park currently it wasn’t a stretch of the imagination to think Universal may close this ride. They don’t cling to nostalgia like Disney does. Almost everything at Universal Orlando is fair game to get the ax if the park needs space.

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Revenge of the Mummy

Credit: ITM

Luckily though, that doesn’t seem to be the case here. For several weeks guests were able to ride the attraction, off and on, while the coaster underwent “technical rehearsals” (read: soft open). Now though the signs stating the ride was operating in this limited capacity are gone and it appears that the ride is once again fully operational. Universal lists hours for the ride today from 9:00 am- 7:00 pm.

Revenge of the Mummy

Ctedit: Universal

So if you’ve missed Brendan Fraser…ahem…I mean this ride as much as I have, never fear! You can now hop aboard and run from Imhotep once again. According to ITM, “This refurbishment included a new track and updating various effects within the ride. Before shutting down for this refurbishment, Revenge of the Mummy had given more than 100 million rides.” We’re so exciting ride is back in action.





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