Disneyland Lowers Some Prices but Disney World Refuses

Disney prices

Prices in Disney Parks have skyrocketed to all-time highs. We aren’t just talking about the price of admission, either. Everything from food to souvenirs has seen a price hike in the last year. Price hikes that far outpaces inflation leaving many to wonder if Disney is trying to price out the middle class.

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Some hoped that Bob Iger’s return as CEO would stop the rising costs and perhaps even lower them. In some ways he has but not in any meaningful ways. One U.S Disney resort has certainly seen more relief than the other. Disneyland is faring much better in the wake of Iger’s return than Disney World is.

Bob Iger

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Walt Disney World recently got some relief when Iger walked back resort parking fees, something that seriously angered Guests in 2019 when it was put in place. Otherwise, it’s business as usual price wise over at Disney’s Florida parks. Ticket increases, rising Disney Genie costs, food hikes and merchandise I flatiron are still in effect.

Over at Disneyland it’s a different story. Their ticket pricing structure is a bit different than Disney World’s is, making it easier to cut families a break to just get in the gates. They haven’t lowered prices (they almost never do that) However, recently they vowed to increase the number of days their lowest price ticket could be bought. With the price of admission being the single biggest turn-off for many, this will most likely get more people in the door.

Savis workshop droid debit price increase

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One surprising move, however, was a price decrease. A price decrease Disney World could implement too (if they wanted too). Two of the most popular souvenirs actually saw a price cut! Savi‚Äôs Workshop, where guests get build their own custom lightsaber in a dramatic show-like experience is now $219. That’s not cheap by any means but it is $30 less than it was. You’ll also be able to build your own custom astromech Droid without lightening your wallet quite as much. The experience (which I highly recommend) is now $20 cheaper at $99. That puts these souvenirs back at around pre-inflation prices, which is a welcome sight.

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Disney World has not made such a move and it seems as though they are unlikely to in the future. They are struggling to achieve solvency for their newest blunder‚ĶI mean creation Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser which is canceling voyages due to lack of people willing to pay $6000 for a two night stay. With a massively expensive hotel on the line, we wouldn’t expect to see any change in souvenir pricing, especially Star Wars souvenirs, any time soon.


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