Warnings Issued About Rachel Zegler Ahead of ‘Snow White’

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The 22-year-old actress has been in the news lately – mainly regarding the Disney live action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937).

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A Slew Of Controversy

She has found herself amid multiple controversies, including statements saying she ‘hated’ the original 1937 animated classic (and the Disneyland ride), slamming the idea of Snow White dreaming about love, and calling the prince from the original movie a stalker.

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The upcoming movie Snow White (2024) is another big-budget film Disney hopes to turn a profit on (like any movie). But branding experts have recently warned that Rachel Zegler’s previous interviews and comments regarding the film and the Disney Princess could harm its success.

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The movie has already suffered some criticism over the decision to have “magical creatures” instead of “Dwarfs,” as well as being mocked for costume choices.

Snow white live action

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Due to the current SAG-AFTRA strike, the unions prohibit actors and actresses from promoting any films they have worked on. As such, there hasn’t been much news in the promotional front of the movie – which has, unfortunately for Disney – sent many in the media searching for previous statements from cast and crew. Therefore, these old videos have resurfaced, creating a huge fire the Walt Disney Company has to put out somehow.

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Experts Weight In

In an article published by the Daily Mail, branding experts have warned that the West Side Story actress’s comments could have “a huge impact on ticket sales.”

Snow white live action

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PR expert Nick Ede said she may not be the “best person to promote the film.” He continued, “Instead of taking the lead of The Little Mermaid‘s Halle Bailey and embracing her role, Rachel has actively chosen to spoil the narrative and express the new direction she has taken Snow White in.”

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Nick Ede also predicted that Disney executives could be having crisis talks about how best to promote and market the movie in light of the Rachel Zegler controversies.

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Another branding expert, Carla Speight, contributed her warnings as well. “Disney will need to be careful with how they have portrayed Snow White and what they do and don’t allow their actors to say about it going forwards. They simply cannot repeat the same mistakes and allow their actors to be so vocal in their own personal opinions during promotions. It can have a huge impact on ticket sales, especially with the amount of negative backlash so early in the promo trail.”

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It’s definitely possible that her comments could impact the financial success of the film. But with so much going on at the Walt Disney Company and in Hollywood, the success or failure of movies may be multi-faceted.

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