“Not Our SNOW WHITE!” Fans Demand a Reshoot of Live-Action ‘Snow White’ After the Film’s Star Expresses Disdain for the Original

Rachel Zegler
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Things are not feeling very magical at the moment!

The highly anticipated Snow White live-action remake is stirring up excitement and controversy among fans and film enthusiasts alike. The new adaptation of the beloved fairy tale is set to offer a bold new take on the classic story, introducing audiences to an updated world of wonder and magic.

The live action Snow White will be played by Rachel Zegler, an up-and-coming actress known primarily for her role as Maria in the West Side Story remake. She will be joined by actress Gal Gadot, who will take on the role of the Evil Queen.

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Credit: Disney

‘Snow White’ Stars’ Comments Cause Controversy

When the casting for Zegler was announced, many fans were thrilled. Zegler has an undeniably stunning vocal talent, and her singsong voice will lend itself perfectly to the musical score. However, her comments as of late have caused Snow White fans to turn against her.

It all started when Zegler was under fire for her comments at a SAG-AFTRA strike. When asked about her stance on the strike, Zegler says;

“If I’m going to stand there 18 hours in a dress of an iconic Disney princess, I deserve to be paid for every hour that it is streamed online.”

Some people were put off by this comment, especially since Zegler is getting paid a lot of money to play the titular role. Many actresses dream of playing such a role and hearing Zegler complain about it was shocking to many.

Zegler Criticized Film and Ride

Things went from bad to worse when a video went viral showing Zegler expressing her dislike of the original Snow White film. She also mentions that she thought the Snow White ride at Disney was scary.


Rachel Zegler and Gal Gadot defend their upcoming Snow White remake

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The overwhelming message being portrayed is that this is “not your mothers Snow White.” Clearly, this film is not about falling in love, and fans are not understanding why exactly a love story is a bad thing. One fan mocks the interview on Twitter:

Some fans are so upset that they are calling for a recast and reshoot of the Snow White remake. At this time, no comment has been made by the Walt Disney Company over the discourse.

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