‘Snow White’ Star’s Warpath Attacks Walt Disney and Women

rachel zegler ilve action remake snow white walt disney backlash original disney princess gal gadot
Credit: Disney, Rachel Zegler/ Instagram

By now, you’ve probably heard about the controversy over the diversity and creative changes in Disney’s upcoming live action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). As someone who’s chill about inclusive casting and doesn’t get too worked up over Disney’s story modifications, even if they are unnecessary and silly, I’m here to tell you that – this time – there’s a REAL problem. And it’s Rachel Zegler, the actress cast to play Snow.

Zegler has shattered something sacred over the course of the Snow White press tour that no reimagined Disney movie or surprise casting ever has, and Disney fans have noticed in a BIG way. Walt Disney’s fundamental magic and storytelling are under attack. Hear me out…

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rachel zegler ilve action remake snow white walt disney backlash original disney princess gal gadot

Credit: Disney

Rachel Zegler is NOT a Disney Princess. I truly don’t care about her ethnicity, her looks, or her ability to sing, Zegler does not have the essence of a Disney Princess. It’s her attitude. You can argue over Lily James’ casting as Cinderella, Halle Bailey’s as Ariel, Emma Watson’s as Belle, and Elle Fanning’s as Aroura, but they all had one thing in common – they passed the Disney Princess vibe check.

These leading ladies truly loved their characters and happily found a way to bring themselves to the role while honoring their iconic Disney Princess characters. Zegler has gone on record multiple times calling Walt’s Snow White weak, criticizing her for dreaming about love, and basically disrespecting her Disney Princess. Even the Disney Park actresses feel protective and loving ownership over their characters, which Zegler seems happy to bulldoze through.

rachel zegler ilve action remake snow white walt disney backlash original disney princess gal gadot

Credit: and Daily Mail

Remember that Walt Disney took a huge chance pushing the original Snow White movie, while most doubted an animated film could be successful. As the original Disney Princess, Snow White paved the way for all subsequent Disney characters and not only proved audiences would watch an animated movie but also a female led one! She’s a freaking badass, Rachel, open your eyes!

Zegler’s backward feminism shames Snow White for wanting love, kindness, and stability.  Snow White is known for her trusting nature, loving kindness, and her ability to start over after her life falls apart. Zegler bashed the original cartoon by arrogantly parading the fact that her Snow White dreamers about being a leader.

Which is just like…what? Snow White can dream about whatever she wants. Disney fans are referring to this Little Women (2019) quote, “Just because my dreams are different than yours doesn’t mean they’re unimportant.”

rachel zegler ilve action remake snow white walt disney backlash original disney princess gal gadot

Credit: Disney

I don’t know if Disney’s media team has coached her to be so negative and harsh to the beloved character, but it’s a big turn-off. Fans are frustrated, genuinely angry, and disgusted by Rachel Zegler’s disrespectful behavior. In every new interview, Zegler only seems to double down by being extremely arrogant, condescending, and rude about a character she doesn’t seem to know that much about.

I don’t know, man. It really sets me off. For Walt’s legacy. For women who are told what they can and can’t want. For precious Snow White…

Ok, rant over.

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