Fans RIOT After Live-Action “Snow White” REMOVES the ‘Seven Dwarfs’

Fans RIOT After Live-Action "Snow White" REMOVES the 'Seven Dwarfs'
Credit: @rachelzegler on Instagram and Disney

Disney is once again receiving backlash for the casting of their live-action movies.

Right now, filming has begun for Disney’s up-and-coming remake of the classic film Snow White. This beloved Disney princess will come to life once again, this time with fresh faces and modern twists. Led by talented actress Rachel Zegler, this adaptation of Snow White is one that Disney hopes will enchant fans worldwide.

Joining Zegler in this exciting project is Gal Gadot, known for her role as Wonder Woman. Gadot will take on the role of the Evil Queen, adding her own brand of power and beauty to the character in the Snow White remake.

Snow white live action

Credit: SplashNews.com and Disney

The Problems With “Snow White”

When the casting for this live action film was announced, some people were already not feeling thrilled. Some Snow White fans feel that it doesn’t make sense to have the character portrayed by a Latina actress like Rachel Zegler. In addition to this concern, questions have come up as to how Disney can modernize this story. For one, the original Snow White was 14. In modern times, the age gap between her and Prince Charming, who also shares a nonconsensual kiss with the Princess, is not deemed appropriate.

And then, of course, there are the dwarfs. There has been a lot of discussion as to whether or not it is appropriate to perpetrate the stereotypes found within the “dwarfs” of Snow White. Disney seems to have found its solution, but that doesn’t look great, according to fans.

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Credit: Disney

Released on-Set Photos Raise Some Eyebrows

Recently, the Daily Mail released some on-set photos that have started a major conversation. The pictures show Snow White and the seven “magical creatures,” which is the new group that has one little person and six standard-sized people. Fans are feeling very conflicted about this, as the changing of these roles is actually taking away opportunities from actors who have dwarfism.

Disney later came out to say that these were not official photos. The photos supposedly are of stand-ins for the film. Still, these conversations around diversity and correct casting are very interesting, and it will be fascinating to see how this all plays out as the live aSplashction Snow White progresses.

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