Disney Remake Mocked: ‘Off White and the Seven Diversity Hires’

snow white live action remake rachel zegler seven dwarfs disney disney princess
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Disney fans turned critics are not shy about voicing their objections to the Walt Disney Company’s decisions. There was vociferous pushback to various choices in their recent The Little Mermaid live-action remake, despite the film performing well at the box office. Disney’s commitment to making “woke” casting choices delight and refresh some, while others feel alienated by the apparent tokenism. Their newest Snow White live-action remake is receiving even more pushback for the Disney Princess actress having skin that is, in fact, not “white as snow.”

snow white live action remake rachel zegler seven dwarfs disney disney princess

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Fans learned that West Side Story‘s Rachel Zegler was cast in the titular lead role a while ago, and there was some major apprehension. But upon learning of the production’s new take on the equally titular dwarfs, fans cry that Disney has taken it way too far. In fact, the biggest critics of the Snow White live-action remake are mocking the Disney adaptation with their own title: “Off White and the Seven Diversity Hires.”

In addition to Disney’s disregard for the story element of Snow White’s namesake, the dwarfs are no longer what may be considered “politically incorrect.” Now, the seven comrades that befriend Snow White are of varying height, gender, and ethnicity. Which has people wondering why Disney bothers rebooting its classic stories if it’s going to rewrite such fundamental aspects of the actual story.

So is Disney trying to cash in on selective diversity tokenism? Actors with dwarfism have complained that Disney’s woke tactics are taking a toll on their careers. How inclusive is inclusivity that still excludes certain groups of people for the sake of a profit? Here’s what some Twitter users think.

A german Fairy Tale, is about a girl whose skin was so white, it became her name. And they couldn’t find 7 dwarfs? Another woke Disney multi-million dollar loss.

Some users are going as far as to accuse Disney’s new adaptation of German culture erasure.

It’s a cultural epoch. Literally, Snow White is quintessentially definitive of German cultural folklore. The story is solely German, without any parallels. It is the only fully German fairytale. Changing Snow White is cultural erasure.

“…a little daughter, who was as white as snow…”

What do you think of the vision for Snow White’s new adaptation?

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