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Guten Morgen! Are you looking for delicious German food on your next Walt Disney World Resort vacation? Today we are continuing our cuisine journey by jumping into the best German food that Disney World has to offer.

Na’vi-sized Pretzel

Pongu Pongu, Pandora- World of Avatar in Animal Kingdom

Credit: Disney

When I say German food, you likely think of pretzels, so that’s where we will start this Disney Park German food guide. Soft and flavorful pretzels are a go-to Disney World and theme park snack for many Guests, and there are great pretzel options in each Disney Park and at Disney Springs.

A huge, delicious soft pretzel in an unexpected place can be found in Animal Kingdom at Pongu Pongu in Pandora – The World of Avatar. Pongu Pongu is a stand near Flight of Passage and Satu’li Canteen that is famous for those frosty and delicious Night Blossom drinks. But the menu at this quick-service eatery offers a few food options too.

Enter — the Na’vi-sized Pretzel! As you might have guessed from the size and scale of the Na’vi people, they are quite a bit larger than us – meaning this is one mega pretzel. This eat comes with a beer cheese dipping sauce for $11.29.

We love this delicious and unexpected pretzel stop at Animal Kingdom. Snag a Night Blossom to sip with this snack and kick back under the floating mountains to enjoy the beauty of Pandora!

Of course, there are other great spots around the property to snag a soft pretzel. Wetzel’s Pretzels at Disney Springs, Sommerfest in the Germany Pavilion at EPCOT and Baseline Tap House at Hollywood Studios are all pretzel spots in other Disney Parks that you can get your soft pretzel fix.

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Sommerfest, German Pavilion, World Showcase in EPCOT

Credit: Disney

If you are craving an authentic German Bratwurst, don’t miss an opportunity to stop by Sommerfest stand in the Germany Pavilion in EPCOT’s World Showcase. You likely know this quick-service eatery as the place you can snag a brew and snack midway around World Showcase. Enjoy a slice of Bavaria as you hang in the sun by the fountain at the center of the pavilion, or relax in the shade at the nearby tables.

If you are looking for more of a meal option at this spot, we recommend the Bratwurst. The dish is composed of a juicy bratwurst served on a freshly baked roll with sauerkraut. The meal is $10.79 and is served with an order of delicious house-made paprika chips.

Beck’s Pilsner – Germany

Sommerfest, German Pavilion, World Showcase in EPCOT

Credit: Disney

Sure, beer isn’t technically a food, but it doesn’t get more German than beer, so it has to make the list. The line you are seeing extending from the Sommerfest booth in EPCOT is thanks to the delicious brews on the menu. If you are craving a smooth and smokey dark beer, we recommend the Warsteiner Dunkel. This German beer is served in a 20 oz. pour and is $10.25.

If you want a lighter citrus beer, try the Schöfferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen which also rings in at $10.25. Either of these are excellent choices, but our choice at Sommerfest is hands-down Beck’s Pilsner. This golden pilsner is hoppy and robust without being overpowering, and embodies what most people expect in a German beer. A 20 oz. pour is $10.25. All these drink options can be served in a souvenir beer stein with a 16 oz. pour for an upcharge. The souvenir mug upgrade brings the costs of these beverages to $14.50.

If wine is more your speed, Sommerfest has some delicious options for you too! Try the August Kesseler Pinot Noir Spätburgunder, Rheingau in a 5oz. pour for $12 or the Mosel derived J & H Selbach-Oster ‘Red Label’ Riesling, also $12.

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The Alps Booth, EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival

The Alps EPCOT Food and Wine

Credit: Disney

EPCOT food is out of this world and really amps up the Disney experience. If possible, I always try to plan visits to EPCOT around festival seasons, After all, that is when you’ll find the most delicious food and drink options available!

A huge plus of visiting Walt Disney World during the International Food & Wine Festival is getting the chance to taste food from countries not normally represented around World Showcase. If you are looking for a taste of the Alps, a mountain region that runs through Germany, do not miss a visit to The Alps booth at EPCOT.

Disney World Resort is full of delicious cheesy options to choose from, and the Raclette from this booth is quickly becoming a favorite. Raclette is melty Swiss cheese heated and shaved onto delicious eats like boiled potatoes, baguettes, or juicy ham. Drop by The Alps booth to try Raclette for around $5.50 per plate.

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Biergarten Restaurant

German Pavilion, World Showcase in EPCOT

Biergarten Restaurant

Credit: Disney

This table service restaurant provides all the fun and vibes of Oktoberfest right at Walt Disney World. Biergarten restaurant provides bottomless German cuisine with live music and fun. The communal festival-style seating in this German Biergarten really does feel like an authentic Bavarian Oktoberfest experience.

This eatery comes in at $35-$59.99 per person for lunch or dinner, depending on the time of year you visit. This buffet-style eatery serves up fresh seasonal salads, breads, and pretzels for starters. For the main course, you can enjoy an assortment of juicy traditional sausages and yummy rotisserie chicken.

Credit: Disney

What is German food without sauerkraut? You’ll find this on the buffet, and it’s a delicious plant-based option. Other main course options on this buffet are potatoes, spätzle, juicy schnitzel, and nudel gratin. You’ll enjoy a sweet finish to this meal with assorted desserts like apple strudel, Bavarian cheesecake, and German chocolate cake.

Credit: Disney

This menu also offers a regional wine selection, German beer options, and schnapps selections that you can order for an additional charge.

If you love German food you should not miss an opportunity to explore these German eats. Happy snacking!

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