Warning Signs You Are an Infamous Disney Adult

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It’s no secret that Disney Adults have gotten a bad rap among Walt Disney World Resort (and Disneyland Resort) vacationers. But when most people refer to the super fans ruining their vacation, they aren’t referring to a person older than 18 who rides the Seas with Nemo and Friends at EPCOT or a childless couple who takes pictures with a Disney princess at Magic Kingdom Park. No…they are often referring to toxic and selfless people who just so happen also to be Disney fans.

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But how do you know if you’re one of these hated Disney Park visitors? Here are a few warning signs…

You Self Identify

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One of the first and most obvious signs of such an uber Disney fan is they refer to themselves as a “Disney Adult.” Although this one is a little simple and on-the-nose, it’s still worth mentioning before we go further.

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You Complain About Other Guests

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Part of being a true Disney fan is sharing the experience with other park guests. Not just those in your party, but also first-time visitors who don’t know what to expect when they hop on the Tower of Terror or sit down for Fantasmic! But the infamous toxic Disney Adult will constantly complain about crowds, longlines, sitting in the back row of a show, or anything else that hampers their experience. Although these frustrations may be legitimate, it’s one thing for an eight-year-old to whine over a long line for “it’s a small world” and quite another to watch a 40-year-old behave the same way.

Not Following Safety Instructions

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Although this one is not unique to Disney Adults, it’s something that the more extreme Disney fan may do. Whether it’s because they want to show off, make Big Thunder Mountain more thrilling, or risk their life and limb for a fantastic picture to post on social media, it’s not a good look. There are reasons why safety bars and seat belts exist.

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Breaking Rules

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This is similar to the above-mentioned sign. But there’s something unusual about people who think they’re “above the law” regarding specific rules at theme parks. Disney Adults, who may view themselves as superior, will likely budge people in line, hop out of a ride vehicle if it breaks down, or reach out and touch props. This is something that most Disney parkgoers do not do and is usually only committed by those who “know” it’s safe to do (fill in the blank) because they’ve ridden it before or know how it works. Even so. It’s a bad look and a bad warning sign.

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Reciting Dialog from Rides…During the Ride

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Few things are more cringy than listening to someone recite every word of dialog in a pre-show at a Disney Park. Trust me, I get it. It’s almost like singing along to your favorite song when driving in the car. But there’s a big difference between belting lyrics in a car and screaming them while riding a train or airplane as you listen with headphones or earbuds. When done during the preshow at an attraction like Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind or Avatar Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom, it’s disruptive, and it ruins the Disney magic for other guests (especially first-time theme park visitors).

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Now, these warning signs may be signals that you have a problem. Engaging in one or two of these behaviors may not be all that terrible, but if you’re committing more than that, you may be ruining the Walt Disney World Resort experience for others. And obviously, that’s not something anyone wants. So, if you are going to be an adult at Walt Disney World, don’t be a toxic Disney Adult. Be better.

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