Disney Guests Are Beginning to Target Fellow Guests On Social Media

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Unfortunately, it’s no secret that Guests visiting Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort are becoming more and more inconsiderate.

Whether discussing something as outrageous as a screaming match or a fistfight within a Disney Park or something as tame as line-cutting and flash photography during dark rides, it’s true that common courtesy is often missing from the Disney experience as of late.

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Now, however, poor Guest behavior is taking on a new level. While verbal and physical fights will always take the cake as the worst things Guests can do, a new practice is coming to the surface: shaming other Guests.

We recently reported on an instance of in-person public shaming in which one Guest shone a flashlight in another Guest’s face in an act of revenge for taking flash photography during a dark ride.

Recently, another Guest decided to get their revenge in a similar act of shaming. Although this time, it was over social media:

Hey please don’t be this kind of guest especially on dark rides, ruins the experience for everyone!
by u/JerryMouse05 in WaltDisneyWorld

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In this social media post, we can see that one Guest visiting Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has taken a photo of another Guest, and has posted it with the intention of shaming them for using flash photography.

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However, this is the wrong way to respond to poor Guest behavior. Even when others lack common courtesy, it’s always a good idea to respond courteously or to take the ‘kill them with kindness’ approach.

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Instead of taking matters into one’s own hands, one should always approach a Cast Member instead. After all, it’s best to set an example and be the magic we want to see when visiting Walt Disney World.

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