This LEGO Disney World Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Replica is INCREDIBLE!

Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO
Credit: beyondthebrick, TikTok

Disney and LEGO have a long and fun history together. The famous toy company has released some amazing Disney park replicas with the entertainment giant. However, it is even more impressive when enthusiasts recreate their own Disney attractions with LEGO.

A user on social media recently showed off an incredible replica of a LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean ride from Walt Disney World. You have to see the final product in the video below! It’s stunningly good!

Pirates of the Caribbean attraction

Credit: Disney

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Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho!

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Walt Disney World in Florida is a beloved and iconic attraction that has captivated visitors for decades. Located in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom theme park, it immerses guests in a swashbuckling adventure through a meticulously detailed, dimly lit, and watery world.

What makes this ride a fan favorite is its combination of storytelling, intricate set design, and advanced audio-animatronic technology to bring the pirate-infested Caribbean to life. As visitors board their boats and embark on the journey, they are transported to a time of pirates, treasures, and high-sea escapades.

The ride’s memorable scenes, including the jailbreak, pirate ships, and the iconic auction scene, have left a lasting impression on fans.

pirates of the caribbean

Credit: Steven Beyer, Unsplash

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Recreating Pirates of the Caribbean

Recreating a small replica of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride with LEGO would be incredibly intricate and challenging. The ride’s attention to detail and use of water effects, in particular, would pose significant challenges. However, it seems one avid fan was up to the challenge.

Replicating the water elements would be a huge hurdle. Creating flowing water, waves, and other dynamic features would require much creativity and patience. Allowing a LEGO boat to move along a conveyor belt with real water that doesn’t leak would be no easy feat.

Additionally, designing and constructing the various scenes and characters using LEGO bricks would demand careful planning and precise execution to capture the essence of the ride. You’d also need to work on intricate lighting effects to achieve the dark, atmospheric ambiance that makes the ride so immersive.

Overall, recreating the Pirates of the Caribbean ride with LEGO is a notable labor of love. What you are about to see showcases the dedication and skill of the builder in faithfully bringing this iconic attraction to a smaller scale while maintaining its charm and excitement.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Credit: Disney

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Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO Replica

TikTok user Beyond the Brick recently uploaded footage of their Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO ride recreation. Impressively, the ride is fully displayed, including a loading station and moving conveyor belt under real water that controls the speed of the boats.

Beyond the Brick navigates the entire creation, showing various aspects of the iconic ride in LEGO form. There is the initial eerie cave ending with a drop to the pirate ship and into the town.

The display even uses LEGO pirates that rotate much like the ride. Further down, red lights simulate the town on fire just after the auction scene.

Towards the end of the attraction, the recreation even has the beloved jail scene, with a cute LEGO Doug from Pixar’s Up (2009) as the dog with the keys. Just past this is a LEGO Captain Jack Sparrow character with his treasure. The replica then puts the boat right back in the initial loading area.

You can see the footage for yourself via the TikTok video below. Overall, the work on this LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean ride display is unbelievably incredible!


LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Water Ride by Joel Neuber #lego #legotiktok #legotiktoker

♬ original sound – Beyond the Brick

Disney recently gave out free anniversary LEGO sets in celebration of the company’s 100-year milestone.

What do you think of this display? Let us know in the comments below!

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