Heads Up, Disney+ May Be Removed From Your Region Soon!

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When you think of the Walt Disney Company, you probably think of the Disney Parks (such as Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom), the merchandise, the snacks, and the Resort hotels. But first and foremost, you probably think of the beloved movies.

From the beloved world of Walt Disney Animation to Marvel and even Star Wars, the Walt Disney Company now distributes a massive bulk of our favorite entertainment.

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Into the New Age…

But the way we consume these movies and TV shows has entirely changed! We no longer purchase DVDs or wait for TV shows to premiere. Now, we watch anything we want, whenever we want it.

It’s a new age, and in this digital world, even Disney needs to catch up and compete accordingly.

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Disney Is Changing To Meet the Demands…

Recently, the Walt Disney Company held its Third Quarter Financial Results call, where CEO Bob Iger discussed some of the company’s results this quarter, as well as its plan for moving forward.

During the call, Disney Plus (stylistically Disney+) was brought up with surprising news…

Disney CEO Bob Iger reminded us that Disney+ is an incredibly young streaming service, at less than four years old, certainly much younger than competing streaming services such as Netflix!

In any case, it’s not as experienced as we’re giving it credit for, which is why this news may not be as surprising as we initially thought.

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Here’s What Bob Iger Had To Say…

After taking a closer look at what Bob Iger had to say during the quarter results call, we can infer that Disney+ may be removed from certain regions due to budget cuts. From Bob Iger:

We actually have been looking at multiple markets around the world with an eye toward prioritizing those that are going to help us turn this business into a profitable business. What that basically means is there are some markets that we will invest less in local programming but still maintain the service. There are some markets that we may not have a service at all. And there are others that we’ll consider, I’ll call it, high-potential markets where we’ll invest nicely for local programming, marketing and basically full-service content in those markets.

Basically, what I’m saying is not all markets are created equal. And in terms of our march to profitability, one of the ways we believe we’re going to do that is by creating priorities internationally.

If you’re a Disney+ user from outside the United States, this could change everything about the way you watch Disney movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more.

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So, When Are These Changes Taking Place? Are They Taking Place at All?

At this time, we don’t know which regions will lose service, nor when they will lose service, if they do at all! Still, it’s definitely something worth keeping an eye on.

Stay tuned to Disney Dining for the latest news regarding the situation.

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