Disney Has Officially Won the Ongoing DeSantis Vs. Disney Debate

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In early 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis filed the Florida Parental Rights In Education Act, outlawing public schools in Florida from discussing anything from gender identity to sexual orientation from kindergarten through the third grade.

Many citizens saw this as an incredibly prejudiced and hateful act, which would only serve to undo all of the strides the LGBTQ community had taken in the past decade.

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The Walt Disney Company, at first, took no stance against this bill. Then, when faced with backlash from fans and Cast Members alike, Disney CEO Bob Chapek (the CEO at the time) stopped political donations to the state and urged Governor DeSantis to repeal the bill.

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Ever since, the Florida Governor has been retaliating against the Walt Disney Company, despite its right to free speech.

Due to this DeSantis versus Disney debate, fans and Republicans alike have been totally divided on the issue. Nobody’s quite sure about who will come out on top!

But now that the Walt Disney Company’s third-quarter financial results are available to the public, the truth has come out.

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As it turns out, revenue hasn’t simply increased since the debates began…it’s risen by over a billion dollars on average. Much to Disney supporters’ delight, Governor DeSantis hasn’t hurt the Walt Disney Company in the way he intended.

One could even argue that his actions have backfired, making the Walt Disney Company stronger than ever now that Disney supporters are flocking to spend money at the Parks. No doubt about it, Disney is the clear winner!

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As for Disney v. DeSantis, the lawsuit is still ongoing. On June 26, DeSantis’s attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the case entirely, claiming that Florida lawmakers and the Florida Governor have “legislative immunity.” However, that is the latest update on the situation.

Stay tuned to Disney Dining for the latest updates on the situation.

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