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Disney’s Most Recent Mistake Has Fans Questioning Everything

Disney misquoted walt

Disneyland has had a rough time this year getting their facts (and signs) straight. With Disney100 Amping up to celebrate 100 years of the Walt Disney Company, one would think they would have brushed up on their history. The Disney100 celebration officially kicks off on January 27, and it looks like Disney is really rolling out the red carpet, so ...

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Wait Times Have Increased and Genie+ is to Blame

Long lines

No one likes waiting in line, especially at Walt Disney World. In fact, this is the single quickest way to a Disney Meltdown that I know! Outdoor lines are hot and uncomfortable, but even lines indoors, nothing makes your feet feel every single mile you’ve walked that day like suddenly standing still.  Discomfort breeds discontentment.   Related: “How to Survive the ...

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Planning a Trip to Walt Disney World This February? Here Are the Least Expensive Days to Visit

It’s no secret that a Walt Disney World Resort vacation only gets more and more expensive. In the past year, everything from food and drink to tickets to Disney’s Genie+ service experienced price raises. READ ALSO: Disney World Issues New Warning to ANYONE Planning to Visit the Parks But some of the worst ticket price raises came when Walt Disney World ...

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The Ultimate Studying Tool for Disney Lovers

One of the most beautiful things about Disney is how it affects people of all ages. Whether studying to keep your grades up in high school, studying for your finals in college, finishing tasks in the workplace, or even focusing on a hobby while enjoying retirement, Disney fans make up people of all backgrounds, all of which need to focus ...

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EPCOT Gets a New Addition to Reflect Its Four Neighborhoods

EPCOT Four Neighborhoods

The massive EPCOT transformation is well underway at Walt Disney World Resort. With all of the construction underway at the theme park, Disney has now unveiled a new addition reflecting its new “four neighborhood” approach. Credit: Disney It wasn’t too long ago that EPCOT was known for having two main lands, including Future World and World Showcase. The Walt Disney ...

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True Disney Fans Will be Annoyed by These Mistakes

When you are a diehard Disney World Resort fan, it’s hard not to make it your personality. In all seriousness, it’s easy for a Disney adult like myself to get annoyed by common Disney World mistakes that other people make. Of course, I don’t expect the general public to be up on Disney World lingo and know all the secrets ...

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Confessions of a Former Disney Commando

Disney planning

I think it goes without saying that I love Walt Disney World.  I mean, I love it so much I’ve made writing about it my job! I’ve been on every ride, stayed in every Disney hotel, and eaten at almost every restaurant (still working my way through that list, but I’ll get there). I was a Disney Dining Plan pro ...

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MORE Snow Worthy Weather is Headed to Orlando

If you’re a “snow bird” (a person who travels to Florida to escape the snow and cold up North) we have some bad news, you might have brought your weather to Disney World with you. For the second time this winter  is going to see unexpectedly low temperatures. The average high in Orlando for January is 75° while the average ...

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