Top Secret Way to Enjoy Fireworks at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Fireworks and the Magic Kingdom go together like peas and carrots. Or peanut butter and jelly. They just mesh so well.

Fireworks became synonymous with Magic Kingdom (and Disney in general) in 1971 when Disney premiered its nighttime show, “Fantasy in the Sky.” The fireworks shows have progressed since then, incorporating more technology, as well as more and more popular Disney properties. Today we have “Happily Ever After,” which joyously welcomed back this year after some time off for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary celebration. This show has further strengthened the relationship with Disney and fireworks shows, including lasers, high-definition projections on Cinderella Castle, and down Main Street, U.S.A.

Happily Ever After

Credit: Disney

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Typically a trip to Magic Kingdom is only complete without a nighttime spectacular. They generally are a must-do for parkgoers. If you don’t believe me, try getting a decent viewing spot just minutes before the fireworks start. It’s virtually impossible. Visitors tend to claim their territory long before the sun has set. This is because fireworks are the perfect culmination of the most magical day!

While no one does fireworks quite like Disney does, those who frequent the parks tend to take advantage of this time and hop in lines that are generally longer during the day. This isn’t typically a secret. This is a reliable method to experience some of the great offerings of Magic Kingdom while others gaze starstruck at the fireworks. If you’re taking advantage of this tip, you also don’t have to deal with the ridiculous crowds who exit the Park once the fireworks have finished.

Another solid firework tip often discussed is viewing them from different areas around Magic Kingdom. You can see the fireworks from almost anywhere. Many folks will camp out by the Tangled-themed restrooms or even on the bridge to Tomorrowland to watch. Of course, grabbing some corndog nuggets at Casey’s Corner and finding a seat is also a great option, although you’d also have to be there relatively early. In short, you can enjoy the fireworks at night in several ways.

Happily Ever After - Secret way to watch the fireworks

Happily Ever After (Credit: Disney Photo Snapper)

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But we’re here to give you the skinny on one of the best ways to enjoy Happily Ever After, assuming you’ve seen it from the hub or Main Street, U.S.A. We want to be clear: if you have yet to view the fireworks from those areas, prioritize them. On your next visit, you can use our Top Secret tip to enjoy fireworks in a unique and fun way! But be sure to view them traditionally first.

Let’s set the stage. The sun has set, and it’s finally cooled off a bit. Of course, it’s still relatively humid; this is Florida we’re talking about. Most Guests at the Magic Kingdom are standing shoulder to shoulder at the front of the Park, getting ready to watch Happily Ever After. You and your family have taken a different approach. You’ve got yourselves a lightning lane for Big Thunder Mountain! Or you’ve just taken advantage of a short stand-by line. You board the train and start the wildest ride in the wilderness. As you exit the bat cave and crest the first hill, there on your right, BOOM! Fireworks galore! As you spiral through the canyon and pass the goat on the roof, you are treated to an up-close viewing of Happily Ever After. The high-speed ride is accompanied by loud booms and brilliant splashes of color and shapes against the night sky, with glimpses of Cinderella Castle in the background.

Happily Ever After - secret way to watch the fireworks

Credit: Disney Photo Snapper

Sounds nice, right? That’s because it is. Complete transparency this happened to my family recently, and it was entirely by mistake. A happy one, though. Not only were the fireworks breath-taking, but they enhanced the ride experience by so much. We’ve ridden Big Thunder Mountain in just about every way possible. And honestly, because we visit so often, sometimes it isn’t so magical. Riding the same things over and over can become a bit dull. The magic can get lost in the monotony of doing the same things. But this was different! We each had that same nostalgia and fascination, just like the first time we caught the fireworks from the hub many years ago. You could see it on our faces as we exited the ride and headed towards Haunted Mansion. It rekindled the love we have for Disney fireworks. We just needed a new perspective, literally.

I’m sure others have had this same experience. There may be others who didn’t enjoy it as much as we did. There may be some who read this and think that it’s just a bunch of foolishness. If you have yet to try it, do it and reply. I’ll happily eat crow if I’m wrong. It may not necessarily be an accurate TOP SECRET tip, but it is a new refreshing way to enjoy the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom!

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