Seriously Cool ‘Fireworks of the Future’ Spotted in Testing Which Could Change Everything

Drone fireworks
Credit: Universal Hollywood

Drones are the new hot ticket items in theme park entertainment. Everyone is rushing to push the envelope and do it better than the competition. Disneyland has a flying Baymax, and we thought It couldn’t get better than that. We were wrong.

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Drones that can emulate fireworks are an intriguing idea. That sort of technology would be a significant investment upfront but would be a major cost-cutter in the long term. Disney spends approximately $50,000 on fireworks per show! Universal spends roughly $15,000 per show. Annually that is a LOT of money.

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Drone fireworks

Credit: Jill Bivins

We love fireworks for their “wow” factor. We love to “ooh” and “ahh” as the colorful explosives fill the air. The fact that they are explosives doesn’t really factor in. We simply love them because they are pretty. Enter the drones!

Universal Studios Hollywood was just spotted testing some very interesting drones over their park. They look suspiciously like high-tech fireworks. Take a look at this Tweet from @Chriskidder:

How cool is that? We love the idea of drone powered fireworks shows. Imagine fireworks that could change shape and move. The way they come together, from a pixilated firework look to a fully defined shape is, definitely giving futuristic “we live in a hologram” vibes. The photorealistic eye projection is truly next level. Many speculate that it will be used during Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, and that is honestly an excellent guess.

Drone fireworks
Credit: Twitter/@paulmoss0447

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When you think of fireworks, especially theme park fireworks, Disney is who comes to mind. Their fireworks displays are iconic. Universal has fireworks, of course, but they aren’t as popular (or as good, truthfully). Fireworks at Universal lack that same sense of emotionally driven nostalgia. There is nothing that sets them apart, which is crucial in the theme parks wars. These “fireworks of the future” could change all of that.

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