A Heads Up Way to Beat the Disney Wait Times

Tower of Terror entrance wait sign
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It’s no secret that wait times for attractions at any Disney Park can be long. When we say long, we mean unbearably long. If you’re using the standby line at any ride, you’ll likely wait at least half an hour—much more for the more popular rides. For illustration purposes, the average wait time for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is 78 minutes, while waiting times for Astro Orbitor average around 28 minutes. This doesn’t seem too bad until you realize that on extremely busy Park days, these numbers can trend well above their typical average.

When planning a Disney day, most Guests look for short wait times or open lightning lanes to decrease their wait. But even with these advantages, you can wait longer than expected. Waiting in line can be frustrating and tedious, especially after you’ve been in the sun all day. It can put folks in a foul mood. And as it seems the parks are busier of late, more and more people are trying to figure out ways to beat the wait.

Wait times at disney

Credit: Disney Dining

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You often need a lightning lane to skip the monotonous shuffle toward your attraction. If you want to ride something without one, you’ll have to wait, even with boarding group-based attractions. As Disney incorporates new, must-do rides and shows featuring the latest theme park technology, the waits will most likely continue to grow. There are two certainties at Disney Parks, you’re going to walk, and you’re going to wait. Luckily, you’ve decided to click an article that can help you make that wait a bit more bearable and maybe even a fun highlight of your vacation. No, we aren’t telling you how to skip the lines. Instead, we will share an interactive way to pass the time. Not only will it help pass the time, but it will ensure the magic doesn’t stop!

As we’ve mentioned (in almost every article we’ve written), we are at Walt Disney World often. Usually once a week. We typically don’t wait in lines that are longer than 20 minutes, but sometimes you have to. Having teenagers can make this a miserable task, but recently my wife and I came across a fun game that kept everyone’s spirits high while we waited. We quickly realized that this game could have saved us a lot of grief over the years. It kept everyone engaged and also helped to entertain others around us.

Heads up is a great way to beat the long wait times.

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The game is called Heads Up! You can find it on Google Play or the Apple Store. I know what you’re thinking; this is just another excuse to be on your phone! Not exactly! Even though we spend more time on our devices navigating Park days, this is different as it elicits collaborative efforts from friends and family to participate.

The premise is simple. You pick a deck (category), place the phone to your head, and attempt to guess the item displayed on your screen while others give you hints. Essentially it’s charades but on your mobile device, and it’s free! The best part is that there are Disney Park-themed decks that you can purchase!

Heads up is a great way to beat the long wait times.

Credit: Safes Blog

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The game has enhanced our Park time as we can spend those moments of lull enjoying each other’s company in friendly competition. There are many options; you can personalize your turn to just about anyone. From pop culture to wild animals, there’s something for every person in your travel party! The game has positively impacted our vacation time, and we ensure it is ready to go as soon as possible! So the next time you dread waiting in those long lines, pull out your phone and make some memories with Heads Up!

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