Disney Rival Eliminates Waiting in Line Completely

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Lines. You hate them, I hate them, everyone hates waiting in line. Unfortunately that’s just a fact of life, especially at a theme park. Or is it? Ways to “skip the line” have been around for years but none of them truly eliminate lines. They just shuffle them around and allow some to wait in shorter lines than others. 

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Disney, Universal, and Six Flags have long since been helping guests willing to pay extra to avoid lines for rides and attractions. Disney has Genie+, Universal ExpressPass, and Six Flags has The Flash Pass. Each of these will claim to let you skip the lines (for a price), but in reality, it just grants you access to a shorter line. Those are only good for rides and attractions too but that’s only part of the story when it comes to waiting in line at your favorite theme park.

 Until now there hasn’t been a way to avoid long lines for snacks and merchandise. Sure, Disney and Universal have Mobile Ordering, but, you still wait in line for those. With Disney you’re subject to a time restriction as well. We once had to wait 3 hours for our mobile order time slot at Woody’s Lunchbox. Then after it was finally our turn we had to wait in line for about 20 minutes to get our tray. That’s not exactly “no line.” Merchandise stores at Disney and Universal haven’t found a way to avoid long waits either. If you want that souvenir,  you’re going to have to be willing to wait for it. 


Credit: Disney Dining

Six Flags has finally solved this problem and is eliminating lines all together for quick snacks and souvenirs. We are talking about no lines. Zero. None at all.  How is this possible? Amazon technology.  Amazon has been championing its “Just Walk Out” program in test markets around the country. The process is simple (even if the tech behind it isn’t). You simply open your Amazon app when you’re in a “just walk out” store and grab what you need. When you’re ready to leave, you “just walk out” and Amazon charges you for what you purchased.

Six flags quick six

Credit: Six Flags

The all- new “Quick Six” stores are rolling out at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. According to TheStreet, “Quick Six” stores will be  “a convenience store that sells food, beverages, candy, and Six Flags merchandise.”  Perfect for that mid-day top up. The best part is, thanks to Amazon’s just walk out tech, this will be one area at least where you won’t have to wait. 

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