Some Guests Trying to Buy Genie+ Were Out of Luck Yesterday

Genie+ sold out

Disney’s line-skipping service Genie+ has been controversial with fans. Some love it, some hate it, but almost everyone agrees on one thing: to get the most out of your Disney day, you need it. When Guests purchase Disney’s Genie+, they get the ability to select the Lightning Lane for certain rides as a way to reduce FastPass.

Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane on App

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Before he was fired, Bob Chapek’s Disney Parks announced that the previous price of $15/person/day wasn’t enough. The price now fluctuates depending on the day, presumably based upon anticipated demand. Since then, the price has risen as high as $30/person/day.

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Previously, there was no cap on how many Guests could purchase Genie+, which led to long lines and Guest complaints that they had spent the money for the service but found there were very few Lightning Lane options available to them. This felt like a waste of money and left many upset. Last month under Bob Iger, Disney Parks announced that Genie+ sales would be limited at both the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. Much to the ire of Guests, this meant that there was more incentive than ever to get up early to purchase, which many fans dislike doing on vacation. It also meant more bang for your buck, though, which Disney Park goers DID like.

Despite being “subject to availability,” the service hadn’t sold out so far, not even on Christmas Day, which is historically the single busiest day of the year at Disney Parks. However, that has now changed. Yesterday, December 27, 2022, Disney’s Genie+ sold out at Disneyland. This marks the first time Genie+ has sold out at either Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort.

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This is particularly interesting because Disney World is typically much more crowded than Disneyland (especially with Magic Keyholders being blocked out currently). Disney doesn’t release attendance numbers, so it’s impossible to know whether Disneyland was more crowded than Disney World yesterday. Still, we suspect that the Genie+ service may be more limited at Disneyland due to its smaller size and typically lower crowds. This is something to keep in mind if you’re planning a visit to Disney’s California Parks, the competition may be stiffer to get that coveted line-skipping ability.


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