Disney Announces Exciting Update For Animal Kingdom’s Newest Addition

animal kingdom baby pig
Credit: Disney

Out of each Walt Disney World theme park, Animal Kingdom is possibly the most impressive. Not only is the Disney Park a fully operational theme park, but it’s also home to hundreds of animals.

animal kingdom giraffe

Credit: Disney

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While Guests can ride Avatar Flight of Passage or the Kali River Rapids, they can also visit the live animals, the real highlight of the Disney Park.

Disney scientists are constantly performing research, while Disney veterinarians continuously check in on the animals. As they work, they work toward a shared goal: conservation.

animal kingdom baby pig

Credit: Disney

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This research can be anything from determining which diets are most beneficial to the animals to breeding programs that help to repopulate falling numbers of endangered species.

Nearly a month ago, the Disney Resort received the best Mother’s Day gift possible: a new addition.

animal kingdom piglet

Credit: Disney

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This adorable little piglet is a red river hog, a wild pig found in Africa. It’s recognizable due to the reddish color of its coat and the distinguishable white stripes.

The red river hog is rarely seen in zoos, making the little team of hogs at the Disney Resort even more special!

Recently, Dr. Mark Penning, the Vice President of Disney’s Animals, Science, and Environment team, shared an exciting announcement regarding the newest red river hog:


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This little guy’s name has been announced! Guests can see little Walter and his mother, Daisy, on the Pembe Savanna in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Someday, Walter and his family may be relocated to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, giving Guests a chance to spot the new addition without having to visit the Resort hotel.

Until then, Guests staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge should keep their eyes peeled for this little piglet!

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