Is Animal Kingdom’s Most Popular Attraction Beginning to Fall Apart?

avatar flight of passage
Credit: Disney

Anyone who’s visited Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom can tell you that Pandora – The World of Avatar is easily one of the most impressive lands in all of the Disney Resort.


Credit: Disney

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Pandora – The World of Avatar takes Guests right into the world created by James Cameron, with immersive areas to eat and shop, and two amazing attractions.

Although one is quite divisive (the Na’vi River Journey), the other is easily regarded as the best attraction in the Disney Park. We’re talking, of course, about Avatar Flight of Passage.

Na'vi River Journey

Credit: Disney

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While the Na’vi River Journey takes Guests on a calm, slow-moving boat ride through Pandora’s riverside, Avatar Flight of Passage throws Guests into an exciting rite of Na’vi passage: taming an ikran (a mountain banshee) and going on a perilous, beautiful, and breathtaking flight.

This attraction includes outstanding visual effects, 3-D glasses, and 4-D effects, including the feeling of your ikran (mountain banshee) breathing beneath you.

However, one Guest is claiming that one of these effects has never worked for them:

Flight of Passage mist frequency?
by u/lkj0 in WaltDisneyWorld

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In this social media post, an anonymous Guest points out that they’ve never experienced the misting effect after having ridden the attraction “multiple times.”

While reading this, it made me think of the past few times I’ve ridden Avatar Flight of Passage, and how I noticed some deterioration as well. While I felt the mist, I noticed that the screen wasn’t looking as 3-D as usual. In fact…the screen was so distractingly bad, it looked as if it was in need of some refurbishment.

Avatar Flight of Passage

Credit: Disney

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Hopefully, Animal Kingdom’s star attraction receives the TLC and updates it needs soon. After all, Avatar Flight of Passage is a show-stopper, and we want it to stop the show for the right reasons.

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