James Cameron Has Reportedly Flipped the Script For Upcoming ‘Avatar 3’ Film

avatar the way of water
Credit: Disney

As the widely-anticipated sequel to James Cameron’s Avatar (2009) film finally dives onto Disney Plus (stylistically Disney+), fans rewatch the films and wonder what’s next for the series. Here’s what we know so far.

As of June 7, Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) has finally made its way onto Disney Plus, giving fans a chance to rewatch the film or even watch it for the first time!

If you’re wondering what happens next in this franchise, you’re not alone. While the information is minimal, it’s also very telling.

avatar the way of water

Credit: Disney

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We know there will be at least three more films in the Avatar series, and we know that Avatar 3 will be released in December of 2024, two years after the second Avatar film was released in theaters.

As for the name of the third installment, nobody is entirely sure just yet. There have been rumors that the film’s name will be “The Seed Bearer.” But at this point in time, these are still rumors.

avatar the way of water

Credit: Disney

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According to a thorough report by The Direct, there’s a lot we can expect from the third installment’s film that flips the script, so to speak.


Credit: Disney

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For one, the third installment will introduce “Ash People,” a new clan of Na’vi in a new biome of Pandora. Not only that, but it seems that the Ash People will be more aggressive than the Omaticaya (Forest People) or Metkayina (Reef People) audiences have met thus far.

Alongside the Ash People will rise a new villain that’s much more nuanced than the “faceless military machine” antagonists we’ve seen in previous Avatar films.

Avatar movie

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It may be too early to speculate, but it sounds like the Ash People will introduce a darker side to the Na’vi than audiences have previously seen. Although the next film is a year and a half away, it already sounds worth the wait.

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