Summer Disney Rash Spreads At Theme Parks

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When you venture into a Disney Park, you’re signing up to endure massive crowds in expectedly high temperatures. You and your family will interact with hundreds of new things in one day and be exposed to elements outside of your normal environment.

With all this in mind, it’s not surprising that some souvenirs from Disney Parks are a lot less than magical. In fact, the trend is that many Guests exit the Parks with an ailment called the ‘Disney Rash.’ Here’s your summertime reminder of how to deal with it.

WARNING: Pictures of Rashes Below!

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What Is The Disney Rash?

Yes, as odd as it may sound, the Disney Rash is one hundred percent a real health issue that Guests report immediately after a long Park day. Medical News Today outlines the scientific term for the Disney Rash as a type of vasculitis, specifically exercise-induced vasculitis.

The rash usually manifests on a person’s lower legs and can look pretty angry. The symptoms include intense itching, stinging, and burning pain. The skin can become very flushed in a rash-like irritation, and the lower leg or ankle may even swell up. Medical News Today cites the possible occurrence of “red, purple, or brown spots that a person can feel when touching the affected area.” This is known as palpable purpura and results from “bleeding into the skin.”

How to People Get the Disney Rash?

Because many Guests enjoying the Disney Parks may not be used to prolonged stretches of activity in such a hot environment, they are susceptible to getting the Disney Rash. This issue of inflamed blood vessels is trigged by prolonged exercise. Medical News Today lists these as common Disney Rash triggers: “walking, jogging and running, especially long distance running, hiking and climbing, step aerobics, bodybuilding, golf, and swimming.” They claim it is most common in females over 50.

Exercise-induced vasculitis is nicknamed after Disney because of the number of Guests who experience it at Disney World or Disneyland.

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Credit: @muggled_to_death, TikTok

How to Treat and/or Avoid Suffering from the Disney Rash

The best way to avoid falling victim to the Disney Rash on your big Park days is to think ahead. Wear compression stockings or socks to protect the blood vessels and stay hydrated. Also, after a long day of walking through the Parks, elevate your legs to promote healthy blood flow. Wear clothes that keep your body temperature down, and make sure you rest throughout the day to give your legs a chance to catch up! Magic Kingdom‘s The People Mover, anyone?

If the Disney Rash already got you, it will most likely resolve itself after about a week. Elevating the legs, resting, hydration, and compression clothing may help speed up the process. Medical News Today suggests that these medications may help if the situation is dire: “antihistamines to help relieve itching, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) to help relieve burning and itching, and topical corticosteroids.”

Check out this Guest explain her situation on TikTok:


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According to my research, the Disney Rash has, unfortunately, never appeared in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

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